December 11, 2008

Amchi Mumbai

Happy Karthikai! My favourite festival. Plan to light a lot of lamps this evening.

Anush was very upset that I was tarvelling on work-
" Amma I am okay without surprise. You dont go amma. You stay with me"

This is how much she is willing to forgo for my presence!!And just in case you think I am spoiling her, the surprise is more often than not a tamarind candy or a book or just some interesting piture in a newspaper.

I was in Mumbai yesterday on work- very fleeting trip. But still managed to buy Thepla and Kandvi from JB nagar.

I met a lady on the flight back who had lost her cousin and his family at the Taj shootout. They had been there to celebrate the son's birthday. The daughter has five bullet wounds and is still trying to recover. How traumatic it must be for the survivors. . .


Monika said...

Happy Karthikai to you too. I had not known about this festival before but I just read up about it on google. Hope u enjoy it :)

DC said...

Hi Art. A very Happy Karthigai to you too. It is indeed a very beautiful festival...

And, you make a quick trip to Mumbai and encounter someone affected by the terror attack! Oh my! I am still getting over it. I would have freaked out!

Hope this festival of light dispels anger, ignorance and apathy and fills us with peace, happiness and prosperity.

I am reminded of my school prayer...Asathoma sath gamaya... :-)

Monika said...

i love ur header pic she is looking so cute

Artnavy said...

thanks all

i do hope light prevails!!

VJ said...

Happy Karthigai.. I love this festival too.. planning to light lot of candles around the house.

Blogeswari said...


Happy Karthigai!
Never realized it was Kaarthigai till late last evening when I spoke to our copywriter in Madras and she asked me "kaarthigai elam aayidutha?" Shame on me!

Did you have Pori urundai? yumm!

next time you're in mumbai pls to call. had messaged you my number sometime ago (post mumbai attacks when you had mailed).will mail again

Artnavy said...

VJ- that will look beautiful- there is a shortage of candles in TN now - can u belive it.

B'gwari-got it- i will call u next time- this time was really too quick i reached at 9 and left by the 3.30 flight

Choxbox said...

happy karthikai!

my BIL could have easily been a hostage/victim - due to sheer chnace he got out of oberoi earlier than he was supposed to. still shudder at the thought.

Just Like That said...

was in Chennai last week went by train instead of plane (cost cutting sigh!) and as I walked thru the busy station was so saddened by the thought of how it must have been for those caught at CST.... I have never prayed for a safe return the way I prayed this time..