November 04, 2008

My room or yours?

Anush- " I made this with ladies fingers, brush, paint, hands, water, cup, paper...."

Our bedroom is referred to as the light green room and her room is the blue and yellow room.

Last evening on the way home, I was trying to tell her that she should try to sleep in her room on her own bed.

" Anush as we grow big we do more and more things ourselves. Like you go susu and potty on your own, you eat on your own ....does Amma ask Appa to brush her teeth...does she call someone to clean her bum after potty....."

After a lot of such wise words, I asked " Anush will you sleep in your room now on?"

"Yes Amma. I will sleep in my room- the light green room is my room. We must share ok?"

And giggled at her own joke!!


Monika said...

aww.....that's way too cute.

& the Dashaavatar display is really good. Are these in wood?

Artnavy said...

kondapalli bommas- from andhra - u shld find them in exhibitions or lepakhshi easily

oops- i changed the pic

VJ said...

Anush is an intelligent girl!!

and can you pls put the picture of the Dasavatharam back again.. I think I missed it.
I have heard heaps about Lepakshi in Tirupathi.. are you talking about the same place?

Artnavy said...

the AP cottage emporium is called Lepakshi- i was referring to that

lepakshi is indeed a beautiful place

the dolls are made of a light weight wood from Kondapalli- will put the PIC back in corners of my home

Blogeswari said...

Very pretty kondappalli dolls and the shelf, too!

Mama - Mia said...

why am i not surprised that she has a smart answer for everything! :)



DC said...

Wow, the Dasavatharam set looks pretty.

But prettier is Anush's painting :-) Am growing to be a big fan of her art. Is that a drawing of necklace with pendant and bangles? It looks like that to me... very nice.

Artnavy said...

blogeswari/ mamma mia/ dc- thanks all

blogeswari- the stand came with it

dc- yes it is - made under my mom's eye

Jayashree said...

Can't beat that logic, can you???

Choxbox said...

LOL! how will we keep up with these kids?!

Usha said...

No way you are going to be able to win with such a smart child around Art!

WhatsInAName said...

Did I miss the pics? Please put them up. I am crazy about kolu bommais! Have been wanting a wooden set since long long time!

BTW Anush is surely smart lol!