August 17, 2008

Weekend Bday Gala(tta)

3 years old , 3 celebrations- just worked out that way.
It began with a mini do at her school on her nakshatra (star) bday.

They are not supposed to "celebrate" with chocolates. Instead she took some healthy eats ( read dates- seedless of course) for her classmates and was super excited about her paavadai and that they sang her the bday song.

The Show begins

The second one, at the new home, the idea was more to meet up with the new neighbors and to also use the long weekend to get some friends including fellow bloggers to see the new place. But most of the latter category were going out of town for the weekend & hence missed the fun.

But hastobeme and Lavs made it and I got to see the utterly cute Little Buddha is person who Anushka wanted to keep with us.

The theme was Teletubbies meets Jungle Book, among Anush's current favourite characters ( Did not know there was gay controversy over them in Poland, they are as sexless as a snail to my unlearned eye. : -) )

Puffs, cornflakes mixture, potato chips, cake, laddoos- grape and orange squash
I actually found Teletubbies mould jellies which reminded me of that thoroughly unhygienic but most delightful sucking type ice lolly we called pepsi in my school days in Mumbai

We had the generous Hannah Martin and her son do wonderful tattoos and the balloon sculpting . Though expensive they give almost all their earnings to charity.
I revisited the thermocol jigsaw concept I had made during Anush's first bday to engage the invitees.
My cousin was adept at juggling with 3 apples.
Music was a collection of Anushka's favourite songs in Hindi and English laced with Happy bday to you.

The final climax

The third get together at the old building that had been our home for the last 5 years and is now my parents' home.This was for old friends and neighbors and Anush's school friends. This had great attendance and itchy ( with her all new cool look and ek dum cool family ) made it as well. At the old place which has a lot more kids, some uninvited as usual.

We had a Dora mascot much to most kids' delight and some kids' fright
And the last minute incorporation was the Treasure hunt on a Jungle Safari played using the animal drawings from the previous party
Butter Corn, chips, vanilla ice cream, Blue curacao and lychee juice to add to the Dora colours

The theme cakes were from Cakes and Bakes with strict instructions in writing to avoid very dark colors and to keep the characters smiling

The snacks were a combo of the friendly Iyengar Bakery and home made stuff.

Anushka helped a lot with the prop making ( due credit to orchid and the www for inspiration).

Navy as usual was the balloon and music provider
My cousin made it from Kolkotta just for the weekend. So unlike the previous bdays, we
actually had a camera persons- he and my father! And he really juggled to the delightful chuckles of all our little guests.
My parents kept me sane, keeping people company and ensuring they had enough to drink/ eat
My ILs could not make it due to other family commitments.

The favours were etikoppaka tops/ sharpeners in animal shapes, sporty water bottles, some mandatory colour crayons/ pencils/ pens.

There were terracota key chains, chokers and ear rings for the older visitors ( why shld they always get ignored?)

Anushka's prime gifts this year apart from the various thoughtful and miscellaneous gifts she received, was a "laptop" from my cousin, an inflatable pool from her amma appa.

We have got her a piggy bank to let her learn the concept of saving (assuming it is not too early since it is never too late) Her indulgent appa took her for a drive after pasta and pizza late at night.
She also got to see lots of the huge light cutouts of Gods being Varalakshmi pooja on her bday eve and she loves those.
Both parties left Anush excited and me exhaustedly satisfied with a smug grin.
Take out

Anush, I love you for being so perceptive and wise, so curious and caring , so naughty and so loving. And tell you a secret? I would love you even if you were not all or any of these.

Last year we wished that the year keeps you a happy, healthy and warm person- as you entered play school and made new friends. I must say that it was the terrific twos instead of terrible twos for most parts.

This year let us resolve to be a little more patient and listen more to each other and continue having lots of fun as we try and grow up together, okay?


Minka said...

Three parties !!!! Sounds like a whole lot of fun. Too bad Bubbles and I missed it.

B o o said...

Birthday wishes to Anush! Seems like you guys had a gala time! I can see the Orchid influence there in the decorations. They were cool, no? Planning to do them with Ashu soon.
Loads of hugs to Anush. Wishing her all things wonderful.

Artnavy said...

yes we had fun

I have given orchid due credit in the post :-)) hope she wont charge royalty

the first yr I had done butterflies and lady bugs on thermecol for a 3 D appeal- they come out well too

Mama - Mia said...

wow!! all three parties sound super fun!! so much creativity and effort put in! :)

loved the pics in next post!!



Krishnan said...

Sounds like you folks had great time albeit bit exhausting. Sri Lanka trip in offing ?

Artnavy said...

abha- thanks

krishnan- yes hopefully- how was your outing

By Deepa and Supriya said...

happy b'day dear anushka!
and art...glad to have been an inspiration..that was easy wasn't it and fun too :)

and ofcourse...3 parties..u've gone way beyond me!!

TypeWriterMom said...

nice blog - and birthday to anush - will be coming back for more - we're moving to chennai too!!!

Artnavy said...

orchid- it was really easy just that we do not get felt or stiff coloured card paper here- at least i did not know where to find it

last time i had done butterflies and beetles with water colour on thermecol but they tend to let off those small thermecol bits when u cut them

had to make do with chart paper and flimsy colour paper

Minka said...

you hired a Dora mascot or did you bundle Navy into the costume ? Oh brilliant, I am going to run this idea by Bubble's dad. Someone bring the smelling salts.

Artnavy said...

that wa steh plan but u cannot get dora costumes for hire
they are too much in demand

so u have to hire it with the guy inside - it is a tough sweaty job but the guy who came was very sweet and even danced at the kids' request and was clean

and clearly not a pervert- no always seating on lap or such - my perennial parnoid worries!!

can send u the number if u want- they have other mascots as well

Choxbox said...

whoa. fun fun fun!

Artnavy said...

welcome ( shortly) to chennai

you bet

Collection Of Stars said...

That was a delightful update and you guys seem to have had loads of fun :)
And, you have done a great job with the themes and arrangements.
I never seem to get any birght ideas and I guess my daughter will have to live with it!

Subhashree said...

Glad you all enjoyed and Anush had a great time.

Great update!