June 10, 2008

Parked Inn

Went to 601 at The Park for my father's bday dinner. Most awesome desserts and good food and a friendly chef.

Just that they could learn a point about water refilling from the typical Kamat/ Udipi restaurants or provide a jug. Also the pot/ handi for the Biryani was damaged which one could attribute to rustic touches but it was not just cracked- it was chipped and broken. And pizza which is rated the best here was not available since the place was getting a face lift :- ((

Anushka wisely asked a passerby-" You also come to see water fountain?" They were too flustered to answer her. She went up to another bday celebration and wished them Happy Bday to their delight. She was keen to gift her thaathu the gift and could barely keep the secret- a well deserved power drill from Bosch.

Saw Mani & Suhasini Ratnam and a food photo session- so much labour goes into it.

I took my mom to what I consider the must see in this place- the loo in the lobby with its high chair and intriguing wash basins. My dad shared with her the beautiful photo collage that they have of Gemini movie posters and shots outside Aqua on the top floor.

So if you have the time and an occasion to celebrate you could visit the Park. It is less predictable than a Sheraton or a GRT


Minka said...

oh ! that place never ceases to amaze me. You forgot to mention the random capsicum/apples strewn all over the place - boutique decor ? And that sink in the loo is almost futuristic - I was glad no one was there when I inspected the weird plumbing !!! and that plexiglass/glass staircase over flowing water ! Wow

I once took my clients there and was confused on seeing bright magenta plastic pots ( yes, the ones they fill water in from sintex tanks !) in the glass window. I thought maybe construction is still going on. But no ! it's decor.

Yes, tell me I am a total dehati !

Itchingtowrite said...

happy b day to one among my fav authors!!!

Mama - Mia said...

seems like a perfect celebration!! :)

arent loos super fancy these days?! at times i feel scared of even dropping l'il water on the floor and spoil its beauty! hehe!


Artnavy said...

tnx itchy- my dad will be pleased

mama mia- yes it was and i agree about loos being oh so fancy now

mika- futuristic is THE word for that loo