June 02, 2008

IndianAH!! Jones

Anush loves using head phones though I am not sure whether they are safe. So we let her do so, sparingly.

Talking of noise value we sat in the first row of the theatre ( the last movie we did that - had to stare into Twinkle Khanna's belly button in Mela- excruicating to say the least) and watched the Indiana Jones latest saga- utterly ridiculous story line with all the expected gimmicks , one liners and larger than life scenes with natives and skulls and caves and secret entrances and nature's bounty and its fury...a wonderful ride even if cliched.

But it may not appeal to today's cynical generation.

But for me, the cute touches like Sean Connery's snap and a kiss in the heat of a fight and a snake- rope trick of a different kind, teh MGR style stunts were funny if not fun.

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Just Like That said...

the snake thing WAS funny LOL