May 19, 2008

Of Ideas and habits

Anush to me: " Amma don't lie down on appa-nooooooooo- not a good habit!!"

Anush to her dad:" Appa don't tickle me- not a good idea!"

Anush, when she was feeling lazy" Anushka too small to do XYZ...very difficult."

Chalo, tteekh hai , okay?


How do we know said...

she is sooo cute!!! I can almost imagine her saying all this, dadi amma types, and u laughing all the way! She must make your life so!

Lavanya said...

I've always been wanting to write a lot about each day with my now 3.5 yrs old daughter. But somehow never happens. Nice to see someone enjoying montherhood and writing the state of elation! Wait until you will discover that you didn't even listen/obey to your parents as much as you do with your little angel daughter. The roles just reverse!! and wonder when it would get back...!!

Artnavy said...

lavanya- u shld go about it - so t serves as a journal later for your little one

howdoweno-really paati types!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.