April 01, 2008

Kolam with Kolpaati

Meaning: Rangoli ( floor drawing at the home entrance) with Great grandmother ( my grandma)
Edited the old linked post to add: my paati's hair is turning grey now and she is aging visibly. But she is fierecely youthful and independent in a lot of ways for someone her age.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute. My mom is visiting and Chula and Mieja are enjoying their time with her. One of their every day evening ritual is making kolam in front of the house. May be will do a post on it.

Choxbox said...


Swati said...

cute pic :) She is doing it with full concentration :)

Anonymous said...

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Usha said...

Anoushka is lucky to be able to spend time with people of so many generations and be exposed to so many different aspects of life.
I love the concentration with which she is doing the Kolam.
And the kerala style thundu on head looks awesome.

Artnavy said...

swati/ choxbox/ utbt- tnx : - ))

hey usha - good to see u here- yes anush is blessed to have such varied company