April 11, 2008


While I do not want to expose Anush to any summer camp that will conflict with her school, I intend exploring " kid activity oriented" places and here are some.

Anushka spent a cool hour at Vanilla Place and she keeps referring to it as Vanilla Drops. ( after her favourite biscuit) She remains afraid of swings but enjoys the slides and tunnels and of course the trampoline. I look forward to going there for the 'Lazy Sunday brunch' but not for any of the lectures since I do not believe parenting can be learnt that way. The kinder music seems like a nice module.

Kanchana paati- more like a home away from home it has a good play yard and a fish tank apart from a cool variety of activities which seem stimulating and fun. My only concern is that it may be over crowded and means a lot of hours each day.

Hippocampus- need to go there sometime soon- have only heard great stuff about it and the trivia questions on the website are inviting. They seem to have a good book collection and are open on Sundays.


B o o said...

You should seriously put together a book or a separate blog with Chennai haunts. You amaze me with all the useful info on restaurants, shopping and kid oriented stuff. The day I move to Chennai, whenever that is, I am going to join you as your "sishyai"!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Boo.
All this information is amazing. Thanks.
BTW, it took me a good five minutes to iterpret the title of the post, Kid + Do. Super cool.

Rohini said...

Hey! What happened to our plan to catch up on your Mumbai trip??!

Choxbox said...


Artnavy said...

boo/utbt- you guys flatter me
anyway would love to met u all

Ro- i commented at your blog on my father's id by mistake i realise... was in Baroda and then incredibly busy and then anush and i had bouts of food poisoning as well.... sorry i missed u but will catch up next time- did u go for that mumbai bloggers meet - u were nominated as guest speaker?


Minka said...

Can you believe I work practically next door to Vanilla Place and never heard/saw it until now !! And I have been thinking Baby's Day Out is the only interesting indoor place to take Bubbles to in the summer heat.

Rohini said...

There was a Mumbai bloggers meet? I was the guest speaker? This is first I am hearing of this :-D