April 10, 2008

Balle Lakka

Anush will begin the next environ in school this June. We had a review with the teacher- oops- adult in charge/ chithi. The move is based on language skills and independence exhibited by the child, though she is a little younger than the rest of the class. 2 more kids from the reception class will also move on with her- so she will not be alone in that sense. Also met the relevant new chithi and found her as grounded and friendly as the first.
Was in Pondy yesterday on work. Apart from a fruitful business trip, we ate a late lunch at Sathguru and had panchmrutam for dessert on the thali!! Really awesome idea. It tasted more like jack fruit pradaman I must say.
The journey was spent reading a poorly written- full of typos- biography of Rajnikanth. Some of the anecdotes and trivia are interesting.
I also managed to get a fairly complex Dino puzzle for Anush. She is very good at puzzles , so tires easily and therefore I chose this one. Today she asked my driver, her B uncle, to sit down and do it for her and how he struggled!! I had to come to his rescue else I would have been late to work.


Choxbox said...

arent the environments mixed age ones?

Artnavy said...

yes it is now on

shld be interesting interaction

Itchingtowrite said...

lik mothr like daughter... are these the jigsaw puzzles? my kids just started on them... ojas likes the more complicated one and not the easy ones .

Artnavy said...

yes itchy

u will find good ones in wood and non toxic paints at pondicherry opposite gandhi statue