January 16, 2008

Pongal O Pongal

We are back after a really fun filled weekend.

Anush's paati left for Mumbai for a short break and Amma (yours truly) and Anush spent quantity and quality time together.

Friday evening we attended the Chennai Thiruvizha/ Kondattan at the Taramani venue and it was an engaging hour or so that we spent - watching the huge cut outs of conventional dancers and the real gusto of the performers. A lot of them compere very well in chaste Tamil and the energy is infectious. The arrangements were excellent in terms of seating and car park as well.

Saturday we went for a play at The Museum Theatre by Under the Mangosteen tree- " Moonshine and Skytoffee" - a very seamlessly merged 2 short stories by Basheer , the renowned Malayalee writer. It was very arty in terms of the sets and the ambiance and the actors did justice to the story. I loved the way the photo gallery had been set up.

On Sunday we finally made it to the Vandalur zoo and found it clean and the animals seem healthy. Anush had a lot of fun naming them and also learnt that deer do not bite and they lick ( accompanied by a slurpy noise). The drive is only about 30kms - really not what people will have you believe. They also have a Lion safari which we will do the next time we visit.

That evening we went to Besant Nagar beach for Radio One's Balloon fest and of course a dip in the water. We also bought Irutukadai Halwa and karasev and various traditional snacks. I had a chance to try Jigaradanda which is like a milk shake native of Madurai and reminds me of Mahalli in terms of odour but is made of seaweed and sugar from what i gathered. Anush had fun looking at the Durga and the other costumes at the Chennai Kondattam at the beach.

We welcomed the pongal festival with new clothes, a lovely large rangoli which Anush tried to recreate at home on paper and a visit to Mayajaal for the film " Bheema" with one of my favourite Tamil heroes- Vikram. I would say the movie is far from a must see and a not so well done Talapathi meets RGV's Sathya

Tuesday night Paati was back from Mumbai and Art is back at work and blogging.....


Lavs said...

I need your assistance. Do you know any Lamaze trainers near Velachery/Adyar? I am trying to locate one. Many thanks in advance for the help.

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool. Nice pix. Also is it that warm in Chennai?! Seems imposs that any place can be, given that we are almost lost in thick clothes when we venture out :( :)

Artnavy said...

lavs- will try and find out- rupa clinic in alwarpet used to have one- will try and get thenumber

choxbox- it is pleasant weather- but a bit hot at times in the afternoon

Lavs said...

Err...What is your email address? I cannot locate it in your profile page.

Ramya said...


Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I was wondering if you ever lived in Bombay and went to a school called St Marys?

Artnavy said...


Artnavy said...

yes ramya- absolutely- remember one of the "ideal students" - possibly your mom's recco

Ramya said...

Its wonderful to get in touch with you again after all these years- a real coincidence definitely!! So how are you and what have you been upto all these many years? My email is ramya.narayan@gmail.com Mail me with your number and lets connect girl!!
PS: I have a 4.5 yrs old called Ananya.