December 26, 2007

Last Christmas and This one

Last year-

This year. The datewise chocolate calender countdown to 25 December. . .

Unlike last year, I was too tied up to take any great snaps on Chirstmas day. We hosted a huge dinner party after returning from our Vizag- Araku trip late afternoon.

More about that trow.


Anonymous said...

Why do you celebrate Christmas being an Iyengar? Not that I am against Christians, all are good. It always amazes me when so called people celbrate Christmas. I wish to see my neighbor John celebrate and recite Rama Navami..

Choxbox said...

the santushka card is very cute!

Artnavy said...

hamsa- celebration is more about the spirit that you embrace and it is so critical to live life fully

try it some time and i am sure u will love doing it for yourself and your loved ones and find joy in it and look for more reasons to celebrate

Artnavy said...

choxbox- thanks!

Anonymous said...

I second Hamsa. I am not against the spirit of Christmas, but I find it weird when two people who don't traditionally celebrate Christmas wish each other "Merry Christmas"... I feel celebrating Christmas is very wannabe... very advertising/ media related people kinds.

How many Christians / Muslims wish each other 'Happy Deepavali'? Forget wishing amongst themselves, how many of them wish us on their own?

I mean how many of these 'celebrate' Pongal with friends? or go out with friends on Kaanum Pongal?

Let's wait for another 18 days when Pongal is around..and see if there is a Pongal party happenin'

Artnavy said...

uggh christmas- i did not know people like you existed!!
why does it bother you how muslims/christians celebrate our festivals- though i know many who do. :-))

u obviously did not see my response to hamsa

anyway i am the media advtg kinds and proud to be a "wannabe" happy person

and btw no i am not an iyengar - who told u that??

Itchingtowrite said...

ha ha,, made me laugh ..all the trollish comments
(and also your response-
anyway i am the media advtg kinds and proud to be a "wannabe" happy person
btw no i am not an iyengar - who told u that??)
i love the spirit of christmas - gifting, partying, merry making, even though i don't celebrate, i like the idea of each one having something for the other one in the house.... when we were in scotland, my parents used to participate in the festivities too and my mom talks of many a christmas gifts and parties they attended...
i think life is too short and full of worries and any small excuse to celebrate shud be best made use of

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse it bothers.. with so many people converting to Christianity and these messiahs of Jesus saying "paavegaleeee" roaming around the streets of Madras urging people to convert to Christianity.. especially the poor people around

illayaraja, actor vijay - all these are converts and were made to convert thanks to their poverty then

ha, you sure are the media wanna-be types.. "mwaah mwaaah.. merry christmas daaahlingsss" and sleeping till 10 am on Pongal day, right?

inga mattum yenna, my office did not celebrate Deepavali but ended up mwaah mwaahing - SANTA-ing on christmas eve. kashtamda saami

Artnavy said...

Hi ITW- me enjoying it too

Hey uggh c'as-
wow- u take the weight of the world on your shoulders dont you??

1. not all media types mwaah mwaah
2. and be it pongal or otherwise i love life too much to waste it on sleeping till 10 am

Choxbox said...

art buddy, you have arrived ;)