November 14, 2007


This morning I woke up feeling" I do not want to go to work"

And soon after Anush began to chant " Dont want school-XYZ" After a really good beginning she has taken to crying as she enters and leaves the class . But her teacher assures us that she has a whale of a time during class.

What is up with mom and daughter?
Possibly lethargic after the breaks?

Anyway both of us headed to our respective destinations and one has already returned home happy and the other is happy enough to blog about it now from work.

And here is some new Anushspeak-
From the bed - you either are "get upping" and "get downing"
"Amma no touching bums chiks ".
" No touching toes- nail polish!"( imaginary nail colour)


utbtkids said...

Ok blogger ate my comment.
Get upping, downing are some things I have heard at home!
Clean upping, put downing, take outing are other -ings.
Chula used to throw these around more a few months back, but the over regularizations have reduced now.
I am formulating an interesting theory, what is the primary medium of communication at your house?

Shobana said...

Anush is a sweetie pie and she is proving it each day with her words and actions. The nail polish thing takes teh cake. Very cute.

Artnavy said...

utbt-english( 60%) followed by Tamil( 30%) and to a lesser extent Hindi( 10%)

shobana- tnx!

Anonymous said...

Ok, my theory blew itself on it face. Never mind.