October 15, 2007

In Conversation

Anush at a Golu in a paavadai from my ex boss and friend

I was rinsing some item of clothing.
Anush- Amma! Lots of wet, lots of wet!!
Me- Yes wet but baby, you should not say "lots"...you should say....
Anush- very promptly- Amma too many wet, too many wet!!
I did not have the heart to correct her again.

Stand corrected
Amma- Love you Anush
Anush- No
Amma- You don't love me?
Anush- No Anush-KA
Amma- Okay, Love you Anushka

Syruppy tales
Anush- Amma medicine!!
Amma- No Anush. Medicines are only if you are not well
Anush - Amma Anushka "oovaa" ( nick for unwell) followed by mock coughing

Face off
Anush rushing to the other room and announcing to her father- Appa! Amma wearing new panty. Gorgeous! ( She meant pant)

Looking at the book of circles....
Anush- What ease this?
Amma- It is a round red nose
Anush- No. FACE!!

Brand reportoire
Amma "Kellogs chocos" vangalaan, (she never says just chocos.)

Each Saturday....
"Amma lets go. Property paakalaam" ( since we began house hunting every weekend)

She understands danger- at least I think so.
When the maid steps up on a ladder to clean the fan or when Navy is driving fast- she looks concerned and says" Slowly, carefully, okay??"

Saw Laaga Chunree mein daag- more on that trow.


~nm said...

I've been feeling kid of low since morning today and the Anush-Ka talks made me smile! :)

She sounds such a cutie!

Timepass said...

Hmmm someone gets new "Panty" LOL. Is she singing at the golu?? (from her pose)

Rohini said...

Well, the panty episode is better than Ayaan's announcement that Mama was wearing a diaper - no prizes for guessing what he meant.

Itchingtowrite said...

panty... LOL and also the mock coughing..

Choxbox said...

utterly cute. pls to keep these coming.

Choxbox said...

btw that isa really gorgeous pavadai. i also want.

Artnavy said...

nm- hope u r feeling better now

timepass- she recited a ganesh sloka

rohini- hahah- i tell anush that when she asks me

itw- the things kids say!!

Choxbox-from Nallis- the paavadai

Just Like That said...

hahahaha ROFL at your new panty!

Hip Grandma said...

"...when Navy is driving fast- she looks concerned and says" Slowly, carefully, okay??"

Do you say it whenever you get a chance?Anush looks cute in her paavadai.

Fuzzylogic said...

Cute!she is a doll!

utbtkids said...

Still laughing at your new panties :)