September 19, 2007

My name is .....

Here is one tag I was dying to do. Thanks choxbox. Nick names we have for Anushka. . .

It reminded me of a list that my cousin cloudymusings was putting together possibly when Anush was a little over 3 months

Anush- the most commonly used abbreviation for Anushka
Chikki- my nick for her in the first few months... which I have more or less forgotten
Kankutty/ Simba- Her maternal paati seems to be unclear if she is a lion or a calf
Vella Deve Gowda- Ltd edition- her father called her that since Anush looked like a little old man in her infancy
Dhondu- her great grand ma calls her that
Laddoo- her paternal thaatha - paati call her that
Hi baby hello baby- her maternal thaathu possibly thought she will turn into vidhya balan
Anushaka babay- to rhyme with shakalaka baby and sung that way
Chilly chicken- don't ask me why- maybe because I often engage Anush with the Chicken Licken story and incorporate her as one of the characters in it
Bumchiks-i take a bow yet again
Drama Rani- The uncrowned queen of melodrama, she even says "oh my God!" with her hand against her lips and widening her eyes
Silly girl- when she is annoying - slowly gaining popularity
Dolly ma- Beauty ma - sweety ma - cutey ma - ROWDY ma- her Appa's and Anushka's current favourite

I tag the moms in the blogging world to take up this tag for themselves and reveal all.....


Sunita said...

That was a smart idea of doing the pic.
Anushkaka ... superb. Also loved the bumchicks :)
There is something irresistibly cute about kids and bums.

Anonymous said...

LOL - great one arty. :D

Anonymous said...

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Choxbox said...


after redaing this post i think i probably used some similar ones too - esply ones to do with baby bums :) i honestly dont remember what though!

Timepass said...

Rowdy ma...what a name LOL

Fuzzylogic said...

Vella Deve Gowda!!now that's a new one. I loved bumchiks too:)By the way her new pics are soo cute as always!!:)What a lovely idea with the pic!

Artnavy said...

glad u enjoyed it

Swati said...

Hahahhahah.."Chilly Chicken" ..LOL at this

utbtkids said...

Chilly chicken, ha, ha, ha.