September 04, 2007

The Blue Umbrella

An engaging execution of a heart warming story by Ruskin Bond - The Blue Umbrella. The neeli chattri song is so addictive that Anush listened to it a zillion times.

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Reminding one of the hills in Sound of Music and the simplicity of Malgudi Days, the chirpy Shreya delivers a superb performance. What a contrast to the kids in KKHH and so on.

The story is about greed and selflessness, about loss and discovery. It centres around the little girl Biniya and her much coveted blue umbrella and what happens to both.

A MUST SEE, especially for the kids, for the songs at least.


Choxbox said...

will check it out, thanks!

Anonymous said...

havent even heard of it but will surely check now that you have mentioned that the kids will like it too :-)

Sunita said...

J loved the title track too ...Will check out the movie.

Artnavy said...

so did any of u see it and did u like it?