August 11, 2007

Life is what happens

to you when you are busy planning things.....

Said Siddhu. The context was Anil Kumble and his surprise century

You will hardly see me write about cricket because I am not a big fan but I adore Kumble, next only to Kapil Dev in my list.

And I loved it- his moment of glory for a new reason, whether it was a fluke or not.

Back to the Siddhuism- I thought it was indeed very profound though my patience wears thin with too much of Siddhu.

I have been planning to read up on all your blogs and have more or less not been able to...but much has been happening with my shift to a different function- it has been exciting , a little tiring, a lot of learning.

Fetish - Tag

HHgmom tagged me on any fetish that I might have

It is not all difficult for me to spell it out- I am inclined towards… no….I cannot control buying clothes- for self, for Navy, for Anush, for family, for the house….

I have a fetish for some eats as well- any fried South Indian bakshanam and boiled corn. No quantity ever satiates me.

I am not exceptionally clean but I am obsessed with order. Inspite of knowing that babies need to be babies, etc-I just cannot help putting things back in their place.

I keep my desk at work very tidy, as I do my Kitchen platform. To the extent that people wonder if I really work at either counter!!

I really HAVE to argue it out and get convinced if I have a difference of opinion with family. I am just not accommodating enough.

Hmmm…not too many, but pretty intense the ones I do have. If I have come across as a Banshee, then it maybe true!

Off for a few days for a holiday. Will be back in time for Independence day and my very own post independence baby bday celebrations


Something to Say said...

ooo I remember your Kapil Dev fixation and your angry outburst when he was accused of match fixing. Clothes buying - thats a nice fetish :)

Just Like That said...

LOL at the tidy work place and kitchen.. oh ye doubters...!!
nice list.:-)

Hip Grandma said...

'I have a fetish for some eats as well- any fried South Indian bakshanam...'
me too but all that is past.Bp and BS creating problems.I suppose my quota is over.

mommyof2 said...

Ok what do you do with the stuff cuz I too have this habbit and now I am running out of space.

Anonymous said...

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." is a John Lennon quote... no way Siddhu could have come up with something like that on this own. :)

WhatsInAName said...

Tips for keeping the desk tidy please!

Artnavy said...

thanks for the clarification analog
and to think i am a huge beatles fan

mommyof2- just discard and give younger cousins/ maid etc

sts- i still love kapil- i saw him at blore airport not too long ago

whatsina name- clean up every hou or so- destroy paper- in fact use less papaer to start with