July 20, 2007

Kahaan gaye Woh log?

Sts wrote a post - "Whatever happened to... " & I could not resist this. But it was so long I deciced I would use my own space and not her comment space. Here is my attempt to clarify and display how updated I am on Bollywood and TV despite hardly watching either and getting to read ONLY The Hindu.

Anu Agarwal – No one is liekly to forget Chandralekha anyway. Into yoga last I heard

Rahul Roy – Was the winner of Big Boss but it did not do for him what Big Brother did for Shilpa Shetty, our classmate ( sts - i could not resist that again)

Ayesha Dharker – Very active abroad also doing theatre in England- Andrew Loyd Webber’s Broadway show “Bombay Dreams”.

Antara Mali- last seen pouting at Jiah Khan

Mamik – came in Kya Kehna last if I recollect- I just love the way he looks. Sts, does that ring a bell?

Aziz Mirza – Chalte Chalte was by him. He is making a movie with Vidya Balan I think sort of reverse of Chennai Kum.

Minu, Sonia Singh, Rini Khanna nee Simon – My favourite was Neethu Ravindran, Komal GB Singh, Sukanya Balakrihsnan, Sunit Tandon & Tejeswar Singh and remeber World of Sport with Narrotam Puri? Appan Menon of World this Week

Siddharth Basu – Produces Kaun Banega Crorepathi and the like- rolling in money , lost a little hair, charming as ever.

Ayesha Jhulka – found her a bit over the top-but she is a sis types in socha na tha . Loved her in Jo Jeeta though

Meenakshi Sheshadri – sure she must have continued with her dancing.

Madhoo – A ribbon cutting expert now

Jugal Hansraj – He is on TV on some serials, is slated for Aaja Nachle with Madhuri Dixit, you would have seen him in Salaam Namaste I think

Mamta Kulkarni, Sonu Walia, Somy Ali – All living incognito in past "glory" !!

Farooque Shaikh – Doing plays, involved in a noble cause- polio vaccination drives

Some of the men I would like to add are dead and gone- Guru of Nukkad, Shafi Inamdar of Yeh jo hai zindagi, Ghokale of Mr Yogi.

Some of the men who are alive and not kicking are possibly Amit Sana, the Indra Danush and Neev guys.

But what about these women- the leading ladies in Hum Log and Buniyaad, Rama Vij, Kitu Gidwani, Malavika Tiwari, Channa Ruparel of Chunauti , Radha Seth the tall one with the husky voice. . .


Anonymous said...

hey this reminds me of things long ago when watching TV was a very big deal! my favourite was rini simon - my hair used to be short too so used to feel extra hep! also liked komal GB singh - she had a slightly twisted face i think.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I became extremely nostalgic reading this as i remembered every one of the characters you mentioned in this post.

Altoid said...

Didnt know about Guru from Nukkad passing away! Sad.

What about Neena Gupta? And that lady who used to host "Whats the Good word?", Sabira Merchant.

Artnavy said...

namvor-u r right

shriya- welcome here a

altoid- yeah sad naa
sabira into grooming of sorts and theatre, neena gupta mom of a girl and soem serials on and off

Something to Say said...

good stuff art. Just proves that I need bug hubby to get more Indian channels and to watch them more regularly :)

Artnavy said...

tnx sts- way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Appan Menon died years back, i believe when he was still hosting WTW .

Unknown said...

Madhoo now Madhoo shah, socialite married into money and part of South Mumbai swish set.

Meenakshi Sheshadri happily married in the US with two sons.

Mamik can be spotted at Lokhandwala coffee spots occasionally.

Antara Mali is become a recluse post being dumped for Nisha Kothari, so have been told.

Ayesha Jhulka doing theatre in Mumbai and running acting classes in Versova.

Sonu Walia married and currently in deep financial shit, court cases for bounced cheques and such like...

Mamta Kulkarni recluse again. Dons moll the last one heard.

Unknown said...

And yes, Malavika Tiwari making stained glass in Delhi.

Thats all I know. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Nisha Kothari is very nice, but I really miss Antra. Come back Antra, we need you!!! :(

ravi said...

Rama Vij is putting up in Oshwara area and doing work on a punjabi projest.Not,well off financially,but still maitains her charming smile.Still very frindly ,as she used to be