July 17, 2007


Here is a step forwrd towards making travel in India a little easier, cleaner and less telling on the pocket.

I am sure you have seen the ads for Ginger hotels if you live in India

Seemed like an excellent concept. So went and checked out the website. You should too!


Unknown said...

Oh gosh, no, I want the frills, the bowing and scraping and the opening of the doors for me. If I am out of the house for even a day, I want to be treated like a right queen. enough of doing things for myself everyday.... ;)

Hip Grandma said...

can you give details?

Artnavy said...

karmickids- spoken like a firend of mine- she belives in being pampered when on holiday

but my point is u r goign to be out when u sightsee the entire day-
so all u need is a clean place to park urself at night

Artnavy said...

hhgmom- unable to link up on blogger


mommyof2 said...

very interesting:-)