June 06, 2007

Chenni Kum

An engaging movie very reminiscent of the Mozhi genre of humour. Hrishikesh Mukerjee and K Balachander would have liked it.

The Menu

Main course
One caustic cynical aging chef , who prides his cooking which is " the greatest art" ( since it appeals to 3 of our senses)
A lovely and cheeky Tabu as a software professional who seems forever on holiday in London

Magic Ingredient-
The chef's gym loving mother, Zora Seghal, who never fails to impress- somethings just get better with age!
Sexy- a delightful, if at times precocious, young ailing girl, who has a lot of gyaan to offer the chef
An underutilised Paresh Rawal as a die hard non veg person who follows Gandhi and is the prospective father in law

The seasoning-
An eclectic bunch of cooks/ waiters

The dessert-
Illayaraja's haunting Tamil songs have been put to good use and sound great in Hindi.

The mild bitterness
The melodrama employed to convince the FIL was a bit jarring . To kill such a young life was avoidable I felt in a film full of aging people- or maybe that is poetic?

The cherry on the iciing on the cake

Watch out for the " sad sad" and "happy sad" explanation by Sexy and the "tears exhaust your love" dialogue from Tabu.


Rohini said...

I too thought the cancer girl subplot was unnecessary and somewhat in bad taste - especially when they make her say things like 'woh mere saath soya hai'

Sue said...

I wanted to see it, but we ran out of evenings when the son and heir could be farmed out to the grandparents. Everybody, esp the grandparents were sad about that!

How do we know said...

i liked the Happy Sad dialogue, reminiscent of Mr. God, This is Anna.. but otherwise, the story did not appear too coherent..the wit was the saving grace, and the final melodramatic scene abt Sexy's death was the un-grace of the film.

There, my 2penny.

Sunita said...

I am so loooking forward to watching this movie. Just feel too guilty to leave J on a weekend for a movie

Just like that said...

Want to see the movie for Tabu whom I love, and also for that song from Mouna ragam mmmmmmmmmmm... lovely!

artnavy said...

oh we take anush along for the movies

she watches the songs and otherwise dozes off or laughs when we laugh....

just make sure u plug kiddo's ears since the volume may be too high