May 02, 2007

Welcome May

Anush never ceases to amaze me-
She saw me holding a business card and dialing a number. Later in the day she got hold of a card, lifted the phone and mimicked my actions to the T!!

She does a good sneeze and burp imitation as well ( yeah yeah- bad mom)
She does a number of yoga poses like most kids would.
She walks like a ballerina if I say “Anush tip toe”

She loves being among kids and had a whale of a time with her cousins in Chintamani, this weekend. She has taken to bhel in a big way. The bhel there is more like a salad with very light puffed rice thrown in with ghee, powdered sugar, dessicated coconut and if you a garlic based masala called RR.

We had a small picnic to Nandi Hills termed the Ooty of Karnataka and by no stretch is cool.
Interesting were the grape bunches hanging from the creepers all through the journey, the mango trees which are a wonder how they hold up under such weight and a set of parachutists who were having a ball.

On our way back stopped at Palamner in AP- more on this later at the travel blog.

How come some offices were open on May Day? I thought it was a mandatory leave.

Saw Meet the Robinsons and did most of the shopping for my birthday.


Ardra said...

dear Artnavy!
Here's wishing yOu a wonderful B'day and a life filled with Happiness, Health, Cheer and lots of blogging-
p.s: thatlast wish was actually for us who read your posts.:-)

itchingtowrite said...

ha ha so cute... business card and phone thing.. what plans for 2morrow

artnavy said...

thanks ardra

hey itchy- very very busy at work- hopefully can squeeze in a nice dinner

Orchid said...

Happy B'day it today, May 2nd?? Good for you that ANush gets to spend time with her my post today..I am cribbign about the same :(

Lavs said...

I guess tomorrow is your birthday. Here's wishing you loads of love, happiness, wealth and good health. Have a ball!

Patti said...

Anushka looks really cute in this picture. oh, by the time u read this post it must already be ur bday i, Many happy returns of the day!!remember Kaushik shares ur bday...and he turns 30, i am making fun of him 24 hour that he is going old...haha!!

A Little Light said...

Happy birthday!

Fuzzylogic said...

Hey fellow taurean here's wishing you a wonderful b'day!Isn't May the best month *wink* do let us know how the special day went. Anush is really picking up all the fine nuances from mom,I loved that pic of with the phone as well as the one with her cousins,she looks so excited to be with them.

nz said...

Happy Birthday to you :-)

Loved the pic of Anush with her cousins - she looks so happy !

artnavy said...

thanks all!!