April 15, 2007

The Intruder

He came in uninvited. A fat eeky guy. It was not really his fault. He is not wanted anywhere. And he cannot help it if God made him that way.

Call me ungenerous, but I too did not want him at home. Definitely not a healthy presence around Anushka.

He would bring his entire brood with him and they would hardly be coaxed to leave. Not to mention Navy would not help me on this one. It would fall entirely on me to help him find his way out.

Time to call the Hit men.

In case you did not guess, I had a visit from a mammoth cockroach. Anyway my Reeboks finally came in useful since they have not been taking their walk and workout at the gym anymore.

1 comment:

Hip Grandma said...

I thought it was the mambalam mosquito that madras isfamous for.BTW I've done the tag.