April 16, 2007

gullible me?

would you PREFER a brand because brad pitt claims he wears it ...or shah rukh closer home?
would you not buy it now because sachin or yuvraj endorse it? ( given their world cup performance)
Max you will notice a brand because of these ambassadors
whom are the marketers kidding? why don't they invest in better products rather than waste our money on the"celebrities"


GettingThereNow said...

I probably wouldn't choose either because if a company is focusing only on the celebrity who is promoting the product and not on the features of the product itself, it might have a subpar product to begin with. Even if the product were an excellent one, I wouldn't choose it based on who endorses it but based on what features it offers and if those features are what i am looking for in that product.

I know - silly me with my stupid reasons :P

nz said...

as much as I am a great fan of SRK, I still wouldnt blindly buy a product endorsed by him or any other celebrity for that matter.

like GTN, i would consider the features.

artnavy said...

see that makes 3 of us and no one with a different point of view here

are the manufacturers listening??

S - Currently a cynic said...

Anush's GRT pic is really cute!
Well, also we would not blindly buy something because someone is endorsing it, but it would catch our attention definitely when someone that we adore is on the ad campaign.. So, that way it makes a huge difference for the manufacturers, bcos (assuming) if a 100 notice the ad, at least one of them would buy it!

itchingtowrite said...

i wud buy for th product not the endorser. but actually our views may not count as being in marketing we know how orchestrated it is. u shud ask a regular consumer who is not misguided by our marketing understanding
example- u & me understand what exactly goes into a sandal soap or a shampoo that claims ur hair will be great but while picking up a brand, we are loyal to a particular brand due to our own reasons and sometimes it feels good to buy that aloe vera cream rather than a normal cream since something is better than nothing. may be same goes for celebrity endorsements.. u like to sport a product that the national icon is using it .. and get escalated to those levels.

SM said...

I am like GTN in researching the specifications of a product and making comparisons before actually buying it.
But like you said, I would notice the brand because of the celebrity.
Sometimes using a celebrity/pseudo celebrity can really backfire.Did anyone see the Lux panties ad with Reema Lagoo? I haven't seen it only read about it. But what were they thinking? I would be interested to know if it did actually help boost sales.

artnavy said...

sm- were the Lux guys thinking at all? no i have not seen the ad

yes itchy-we are a biased lot