April 04, 2007

Flights of fancy

Usually the plane circles before finding landing space. Now there is a new dimension. It takes on an average 15 minutes to get from the aircraft to the building in Delhi Airport. The bus gets delayed and then it has to wait at aircraft crossings.

I visited Raipur after 6 years and found it had become the state capital and has such a cool tourism department which promotes through cds not brochures at least to me!!

I met a dean of the college next door to my office on a flight. Small world.

I watched Swami and friends on Jet Airways ( yes in flight entertainment on domestic flights) and I want to buy the complete collection.

I met my father in Delhi though I missed him in Mumbai. He was there on work as well.

I lost my credit card and my peace of mind with it but took very little time to block the card and regain sanity

I invested in my most expensive bit of makeup- Loreal Shocking Volume Mascara!

I am reading a book whose name I cannot recollect about a love story of an IIT student. Not bad at all- though there is a huge Chetan Bhagat hangover.

All in all an eventful 3 days.

And yes please visit this new travel blog.


Life Lover said...

i love the new loreal mascara! its very very good for giving your eyes that dramatic effect...btw there are already books who are copying chetan bhagat? where is the world coming to :)

nz said...

Will remember that when I visit Delhi next time - last time I visited about a year and half back , was getting irritated at the time it was taking for the flight to just take off !

apu said...

Tks for the link ! And you forgot to mention that you are a co-blogger there and your post is much awaited :)

And yes, I can't believe there are Chetan Bhagat clones..he is entertaining no doubt, but a single does is enough !

itchingtowrite said...

hey congrats on the 5 + years..
u need to get into the dashboard get into settings, comments tab, i think u need to check only registered users under who can comment. I am not sure as earlier there used to be a tab saying do not allow anon comments

apu said...

btw you've been tagged. Pls chk my blog and take it up if possible.