March 20, 2007

A Lot of Sunshine

Was away on a holiday.

We went to Georgia Sunshine Village ( off Mysore). The highlight was the weather- such that the resort lived up to its name. It also offers fishing, trekking, short trips to Ganganchukki- Bharachukki falls. Most of the ( foreign) patrons are directed from the Lonely Planet. Weekends are the Bangalore and Mysore crowd. I would not recommend a long journey to the resort from any where else, except in good weather.

We also did Somnathapura and Talakkad temples. Not to mention a short stay at Mysore as well. I realised how little we understand of our history without a guide.

All in all a good break and some focussed time with family.


itchingtowrite said...

ok i know why u did not reply to my mail when i asked where were u ....
had a good time!!!

Noodlehead said...

i've been to georgia sunshine village too! it's a nice place...N and I had a blast there. Did you go trekking? It was amazing!!! We also heard all these animals at night and, and, and....oh well, it all feels like a different life now :)

Orchid said...

nice!!....haven't been to the georgia sunshine..but I stay at Kapila on the bakcs of Kabini which is actually owned by my aunt and uncle and I love, where are the pictures ??

artnavy said...

itchy- right- now u know

small world noodle head

orchid- is kapila open to public?
pics coming up

Orchid said...

I meant to say on the banks OF Kabini River. started out with a few cottages and guests were allowed by invitation only....but now they have expanded and it is more commercial :)