March 05, 2007

Cars and Traffic Signal

Saw Eklavya, Cars and Traffic Signal over the weekend. In that order. Liked them in the reverse order.

Traffic Signal- good ensemble cast as always with Madhur Bhandarkar, a short film, realistic ( a South Indian boy falls for the ads of a fairness cream and is mighty disillusioned by the lack of results) , so candid it is almost gross at times( the strawberry vendor polishes his wares by applying his saliva on them", suprising ( what lengths poeple go to cheat ) with a hopeful ending of reformation and justice in the process of being served. The lead actor is pretty good.He is the youngest boy from Hum hain raahi pyar ke.

Cars- Really nice animation film, better than Happy Feet for sure. So what if it was predictable. It was a fell good movie. Reminded me of all the cocky hero/ heroine put in place kind of movies. I loved this line "People take roads now to make/save time, they do not make time to take the road (for fun)" and this one" I follow only the Ferrari / European races" to this Lightning Mac Queen , An American race car on its way to the Piston Cup.

Eklavya- Rather too old a wine in an older bottle. A lot of Shakespeare here. It even recalls Omkara. The plot is about conflict- a question of Dharma. The father or the guard? The son or the King? Do not miss the spectacular scene where in Amitabh wields his sword and severs the ......see it before you react. Vidya Balan should choose movies where she has more to do. In Guru and Eklavya she felt like corriander in an omlette. A good likable flavour but definitely scarce. The overall look of teh film is awe inspiring just as Amol Palekar's Paheli.
Wish to see Honeymoon T and Mozhi. The latter is to release on DVD as well pretty soon. I like that. Way to go Prakashraj!

Oh the excitement of having a good North Indian restaurant next door. The Dhaaba -The neon sign announced it loud and clear. I had not eaten out in a while and was excited to go to there. To my annoyance I found that it was not yet functional. There was no one there to air my views to. So as usual you and Navy are subject to it. Why could they not add" Opening shortly or soon" or "Under construction" or better still " Being inaugurated on..."

Mallika Sherawat and Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Koffee with Karan were like chalk and cheese. I felt rather bad for the lady. She put her foot in her mouth or bared her soul by saying" Women are superior to men" One has to be more politically correct than that. I do not think she realized that the 2 men were taking digs at her forever.

Anush was a sticker this weekend. She would not go to anyone but me. It worries me a bit. But today, she knew it was Monday and changed loyalties quite comfortably. She does her version of somersaults or palti as we call it and has taken to walking on her toes like a ballerina.


apu said...

...She put her foot in her mouth or bared her soul by saying" Women are superior to men" One has to be more politically correct than that..

I notice, you didnt say it was incorrect ha ha just politically incorrect :)

artnavy said...

glad u noticed- hahah

R.E.B.E.L said...

Pls dnt watch Honeymoon Travels.. U mit kill yourself instead...!

And Eklavya was good for the feel of the movie. It is as you said a pretty cliched movie though..

Orchid said...

I told you cars was fun :) Yes, I enjoyed the cinematography in Eklavya too and you are right, Vidya Balan was wasted, yet again.

Altoid said...

About HT, I agree with rebel, I certainly wanted to kick myself for actually making a theater trip for it.

Agree with Eklavya and Cars, havent watched Traffic signal yet.

artnavy said...

orchid- i saw cars based on your recco

rebel and altoid- i will avoid HT after what you mentioned