February 26, 2007

Viva Velachery

Reliance is opening a retail outlet in Velachery, walking distance from home.
Bang opposite is a Retail Management Institute. Some coincidence this!
The Nilgiris, next door to me, is not at all worried about the competetion.
I say, more the merrier for me as a consumer.

Most of the regulars here know that I am a keen announcer of any developments in my locality- Velachery

We will shortly have:
Karaikudi- a Chettinadu restaurant- not to my taste but a lot of my non veg colleagues swear by it
Chat.com- a small joint on the taramani road
Style Spa- the ex- Gautier outlet
Naihaa- to join the already inaugurated but not very well stocked Naidu Hall

Is someone listening out there??

There is still ample room for Subway, the movie multiplex and rotiwali bai.


The Monk Without His Ferrari said...

good to know...

now that you are here, please visit http://gnomedforever.blogspot.com

tank u :-)

A Little Light said...

I heard Saravana Bhavan is to make its foray too..we folks at office are just waiting for it!!!
Some starters and desserts at snows park(baby nagar) are good too.

@ said...

looks like at least the chaat idea hs come to be...maybe someone relevant is listening!

Fuzzylogic said...

I can use this info next time if I happen to visit Chennai,I will consult this back:)

itchingtowrite said...

U forgot TCS ....

A Little Light said...

I just read your "Off the beaten track - Through the eyes of a Foodie" post..i have some to suggest
-Pav Baji's at Novelty,Sowcarpet..I think they are the best in chennai
-Pani puri at Gangotree,Cathedral Rd(Only)..if you like hogging gol gappays!

starry nights said...

So many new places to visit and dine on my next visit to Chennai.Hopefully this year.

Rebus said...

Now I know :)
But always wonder whether more development does mean more, I look at bangalore what it was before and what its changing to I mean in terms of rampant development; another concrete jungle; adieus to the old ways!! Is it? Because when a city changes so does the people expecially on the lower ladder.

Sush said...

nice city guide :).. you have been tagged, please take it up

Hip Grandma said...

I am apalled at the development that has taken place in your area in the past 7 to 8 years.It almost happened in front of my eyes.each visut showed better connectivity.a contrast from the town I live in.

R.E.B.E.L said...

Man, honestly even a yr back velachery was not tis developed.. Ppl were not willing to move thr.. Now, it has bcom the most 'happening' place!!! hmmmm...

artnavy said...

velachery rates are 4000/sq ft now
not bad huh

tnx little L

will do sush- looks interesting

nivash said...

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