February 05, 2007


It has been a while since I did this series. ( Part I and Part II)

I need to add one very ramshackle run down place in Sowcarpet called Mahaveer. It is a Rajasthani bhojanalay and serves dal batti churma and typical Marwari side dishes with fluffy hot phulkas and over dilute lassi or chaas.

If you can ignore the fact that the waiter serves with his bare hands ( tongs- what are they?), the climb to the restaurant is rather steep, the clientele is very truck driver like, then go there. The food was nice, flavoursome without assaulting your senses.

It is located next to Ambica garments shop on NSC Bose road which is a one way. This is my first visit in almost 8 years to this area of Chennai- It is so cramped it reminds me of Crawford in Mumbai. Dime a dozen gold shops is what you find here.

Dal batti- the best I have had is in Mount Abu in the cold on the road side for dinner, when ghee was not taboo or an indulgence since i was then a Body Slimilicious.

BTW, for the regulars at the blog, who are aware of my desire to see the ship- Gotheberg, well I could not make it despite going there. A serpentine queue welcomed me and the security did not even allow our car into the car park saying it would be closing time by the time our chance came!!


Has to be me said...

Ambica garments...hey i remember that place....used 2 shop there long ago...when I started my CA articleship! Thanx fr reviving those memories!
But the food joint...havent tried that!

itchingtowrite said...

sad abt the ship thingee..
rajasthani food hmm.. i remember having some at cal office - the G T chem guy bought his home food for us

Fuzzylogic said...

You couldn't make it to the Gotheberg?that must have been disappointing.Is it set to sail soon from the harbor or is it going to be there for few more days?maybe in that case you can try catching up on it someother day?it's indeed such a beautiful looking ship.
Rajasthani food,never tasted it.Isn't dal batti a gujrati speciality?I used to think that's typical gujrati dish.Maybe there is a Rajasthani take to it too!I have tasted that and that's one yummy dish:)

artnavy said...

very disappointed about not getting to see the ship- rest r weekdays- cant take off

daal baati is a very rajasthani dish but also has a gujrati take ot it-check this link out

h2bme- funny- small world

Alan said...

I've enjoyed reading all three posts in the series. I've not been to India, but these little insights provide a picture of what it is like.