February 22, 2007

Lost in Blogsville

I just realised. Multitudes( :-)) of bloggers are unable to visit me because I have confused them!! No one knows who I am or where to find me. ...hmmm

I call myself artnavy
My blog address is abouttimenow
The blog title is The not so artful dodger

Identity crisis or split personality?

Maybe just too ordinary a personality?

Orchid- I am tempted to poll on this but I abstain from growing concern about you


The Kid said...

//No one knows who I am or where to find me.//

Really? are you sure?

itchingtowrite said...

nothing on the post but ------------poll seems to be on your mind- even the title of the pic is pol-ka anush ka (is one L missing)

Alan said...

I check your blog all the time. I didn't know you were lost.

@ said...

you know, I have wondered about that - your screen name is different from your blog addy which is different from your blog name...hmmm - I think it was done on purpose to throw off stalkers, eh? anyway, who lost their way while trying to find you? just curious...

Orchid said...

Oh, thank the Holy Lord and the mighty Art for being so considerate!!...how about you go on an ad campaign...i do believe in the power of marketing :)
BTW, you do know that I am on a blog marathon, right??

starry nights said...

All these different names have made me wonder but isomehow manage to find you .

nz said...

your link is on my favourite list - so I have no probs finding you :-)

BTW, just read your 'first night' post - good writing ;-)

artnavy said...

hi all
i was trying to lament the lack of readers ( or least comments ) on this blog

orchid- be my advertising perosn wont you? and what is a blog marathon?

@- i am guessing lots of people lost their way and that i why they diod not come over to read my stuff

theanalogkid said...

i type 'a' in the address bar and bang.. urs is the first url in the list (history).. so maybe u cud use that to tell ppl how to remember. :)

Ashish said...

I so agree with this. Whenever I want to visit, I just go to google and search for artnavy and blogspot, and get the page. Don't ask me why I haven't bookmarked the page.

prasad said...

hey...it took me a lot of blogsearching to just know that this is yours...isnt that a reason to say that confusion prevails..

anyways...all the best in blogging.