January 29, 2007


A lot of posts/articles have been dedicated to Sathya Saibaba and his Athi Rudra Yagna being conducted for world peace in Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai. Hotel accomodation is near impossible and a client of mine, who flies business class, had to stay in a lodge in Vadapalani! Here is a glimpse at some things I overheard and saw that apalled and amused me:

"He has resolved world issues they say but he has created traffic problems in Tiruvanmiyur."
" I am unable to volunteer for want of time. I really want to" From a person who shudders to volunteer at Annual Day Gatherings because she fears crowds.
" I wonder what his haircare regimen is" from a balding friend.
A foreign couple, dressed like typical back packers mentioned " We have cut our Kerala trip and come here instead"
"They have his feet in all those hoardings. Looks so well pedicured." The other person said- "I do not think saints like him do anything artificial. Must have had massages not pedicure."
" Did you know? He is a paedophile" Thank God I do not know and would like to let it stay that way.

I met a blogger I frequent, in person, for the first time. Once I got back home, Navy asked me " Did you live up to her mental image of you? " I had to say" I do not know" In fact come to think of it, we never discussed that aspect. But I am sure we bloggers who do not share our pic, leave it to the reader's imagination/ visualisation.

It will be nice to know how I am picturised by the rest of you....the good, the bad and the ugly. So do write in. And if any of you would like to know how i visualise you, just ask me!
Of course, this is not open to those who have met/ know me already.


itchingtowrite said...

with all due respect i am not the sai baba fan. infact quite the opposite. infact i had seen a program on videos that actuall shows how he performs his so called miracles. indeed lot of traffic diversions becoz of him.

SM said...

Although I have not been in the blogging world very long, I have read almost all (if not all) of ur posts and I do have a mental image of u as I have of others..U asked for it!!!
Tall,dark( no brainer really!!),short hair not requiring too much maintenance, partial to cotton salwars, trousers or jeans, close toed flats, no nonsense attitude, efficient at multitasking, good conversaltionalist.
Ummm...how did I do??
Sathya Sai Baba-no comments coz a lot of people i care about belive in his holiship!!!

Sanjay said...

I am sorry, I do think a lot of holy men are just scams, esp this person.
I dont' have a visual image of you. Don't know why? :) I have my pic on profile so I won't ask you how you see me, but if you have not, a description would be nice. :)

Has to be me said...

Hey tagz up! :)
Sai baba...hmmm... I wld rather not comment!
Regd u....this is how I've pictured u....fair, not v.tall, slightly plump, talkative, & cute looking! Am I anywhere close to the real u?!
And yes whats my picture that u have?

artnavy said...

oops sanjay- i see ur pic-but i think u r like an advertising creative head - a little whacky- a little spaced out- definitely creative- that is how I picture u

this sai baba provokes more non comments than comments- i do not belive in him either but find him an interetsing object of study

has tobe me- u r a light weight bubbly 5 foot 2 inches, with glasses/maybe lenses, usually in casuals - jeans and tshirts- in salwar kameez in india

Inder said...

how can i ignore someone who has got a hairstyle named after him. mr. sai baba does have a lot of guts to sport that whacky hairdo of his.
well, like i am in lots of things, i am very bad at putting a face to characters. you can't blame me. i tend to forget a lot of known faces. imagining a face to a blogger is definitely out of my scope :(

Life Lover said...

hmmm, very interesting. let me take a shot at it and you tell me whether I am close or not...since you already have mentioned that you are tall---i am guessing around 5'8", almost always smiling, friendly and approachable. how do you visualize me? this is fun!

Orchid said...

Tall, dark and has big feet (don't ask me how I know that!!), reads quite a bit, has versatile interests, has a good sense of humor, would make a nice friend- that's you!

Fuzzylogic said...

That's a interesting post,yes you do tend to form a mental image of person even without seeing them by their writing.I picture you as a tall,intelligent,well read,fairly open,modern day urban woman who also respects traditions,loves sarees:)you would be the sensible person who doesn't get swayed by emotions that easily in the friend circle.Am I fairly right or completely wrong?Lol.
I don't believe in the holy man concept of Sai baba so I won't go there.Now do tell me what mental image would I portray in your mind?:)

starry nights said...

Well! I dont believe in holy men.I sometimes do have visual images of my blogger friends.I see you as a tall person, friendly has varied interests.loves to watch movies and music.Am I right atleast partially.

mommyof2 said...

tall,tan beauty:-), medium hair in clutchers or rubberband, bit chubby(not fat:-), very active & lively, Loves to experience new sides of everyday life:-)

Ok, how right am I?:-) And now my pic please:-)

theanalogkid said...

that guy is a jackass and even with so many complaints i dont know why we still have let him do his stuff.. (all offenses meant). if he is a saint then why is there so much propaganda surrounding his sainthood? another thing i noticed recently which you ppl might not have is that there is a saibaba ashram coming up hurriedly near hampi to tap all the foreign visitors that visit hampi.

ok now about you..
ur nick - the perfume lady ;)
tall, fair, chubby, intelligent-looking, in a fabindia kurta, who looks 20 like that santoor soap aunty only to be blown away by anushka running to u saying "mummmmmmeeeeeee". :p

ok now me me me..

artnavy said...

analog- i have seen ur pic on teh hampii collage- so u r look like that traffic signal actor/ hero-
personality wise u r full of vigour and ready to change the world, very opinionated, wise beyond years

others pl wait for your profiles

as for your guesses on mine- will confirm or not trow

Has to be me said...

Hey i think only salwar kameez in India is konjam right....nothing else matches!!! :D
And what abt my description of u? Anywhere close 2 it or not?

artnavy said...

Sm/ lifelover/starry/ Fuzzy/ orchid- hmmmm - so u read the fine print in this blog- so all of you are right.

analog- u do wonders to my ego- i do look ageless- anywhere between 25 and 35 yrs- :-) and anush would run to me sayign" amma aaaa....." not "mumeeee"

fuzzy- i see u as a slightly more patient, younger version of me, possibly fairer too in complexion

lifelover- i think u r a very enthu, bubbly person, lean and rather short- am i right?

mommyof 2- All right except that the hair is cut short- once again. i see u as the epitome of good motherhood, very patient and indulgent of all, polite, a little quiet at times, very friendly and warm

has2beme- ooops! so we both got it almost fully wrong. Talkative bit is right.

artnavy said...

Here is how i see me in the mirror-

I am tall, dark, plump, with big feet, huge pop eyes, really short hair, no jewellery except rings, sans make up except a small bindi sometimes, only in cotton- westerns and salwar kameez.

Talkative,expressive, action oriented, quick, versatile, into music, books, art,dance,cooking, movies, jigsws - all go well with me.

Not as patient and humorous as I would like to be

Life Lover said...

you got my personality right but you got the look all wrong! hehe, this is the fun of it i think :) i am a tall gal, not model lean but on the thinner side, always running around in capris and shorts in the summer and pants and warm caps in the winter :)

Shreemoyee said...

This is interesting. Waiting for an analysis of me.

Alan said...

I have several pictures posted, so mental imaging of me (goofy gora guy) is not required.

Most of my Bollywood readers appear to be young Desi females (Yay!), but I have a really hard time coming up with individual mental images. So until I see pictures, I'll just envision legions of Rani Mukherjee clones.

artnavy said...

Alan- LOL. Just make me a tall Rani with short hair and a nicer voice- that will do :-) some say I look like kajol did in the first half of KKHH

shreemoyee-I do not know why but I think of a Byomkesh Bakshi when I see ur name itslef ( a serial with Rajat Kapur playing the lead)- very intellectual and intelligent with specs- I KNOW u r a girl but i cant get this out of my head

Usha said...

I was thinking of a taller anushka in her 20s!

artnavy said...

usha- u will end up with SIL look alike then

Alan said...

Kajol... Ah, that's a very nice visual. I love Rani's sultry voice. Yours must really be something.

artnavy said...

LOL- Alan I think I have completely mislead you.

Shreemoyee said...

I don't have specs, though as a kid, I would pray for them so that I could look exactly as you describe intelligent, intellectual. God in all his better sense refused to grant me the symptoms of intellect, whether I got the real thing, I dont know. I have a few pics of me in my latest travel post.

artnavy said...

thanks shreemoyee- will positively have a look