December 12, 2006

Veedu- Dream house

Sapna asked " So how is the new house coming along?" Krishna did not wish to answer. " It will take a while I guess"

After dinner, once the guests had left, Krishna began to sob. Raj tried not to be his usual brusque self. " Don't worry Krish. People are curious. That is all. We have paid for it. It will take shape someday" "But then Raj- it is already been over 3 years now. We are so unlucky when it comes to house buying. Finally we decide to buy a house and this happens. "
" Now don't get all worked up. It is only a matter of time." " When Raj? After I die?" Krishna became dramatic. Raj stopped paying attention and tried to steer conversation away from the subject.

To his dismay, the next few years were filled with prolonged waiting and many more such conversations. The land had been encroached upon. The architect had absconded. A small set of prospective owners nominated themselves into action. They appointed a new architect. Filed a suit against the former one. Collected funds and evacuated the slum dwellers.

And after twelve years from daring to dream of their dream house, Raj and Krishna got possession of their flat. It had cost them a lot of extra money tempered with a sense of defeat. It had also left them with a smaller dimension flat. (Since the encroaching slum dwellers had to be given a bit of the property for their largesse)

What was to be a fairly youthful to middle aged society turned into a retirement home for most. Some had died waiting for the project to happen. Those who had invested considering the schools in the vicinity had children who were working now.

Krishna sighed " So much for waiting for so long." She set her heart on doing up the house and wow, did it look good. She called her friends over to her new home. Sapna said " This is really beautiful ! "

Raj smiled and thought to himself - befitting the younger Krishna who had dreamed of having such a home.


Anonymous said...

Poignant. I can understand.

artnavy said...

Hey anon- why don't you identify yourself

itchingtowrite said...

i know this story- beautifully conveyed and true tribute to the people who suffered it

Inder said...

encroachment - not just into one's land, but into the supposed-to-be-pleasant parts of their lives too :(

Life Lover said...

Such a heartbreak this is, I can only imagine. Having your own home is a dream that many see but it gets fulfilled for only a few. You out it across very well.

NZ said...

Almost similar thing happened to a plot my dad bought looooong back - still spending money on it in court cases :-(

Usha said...

I am reminded of a tamil film "veedu".
This is the reson most people prefer the safer investment ina flat where all these hassles are handles professionally by the builders.
Getting your house is a lot like life itself - you dont always get what you want and when you want it. The trick is to learn to appreciate what you get!

artnavy said...

Usha- This is a flat I am talking of in Mumbai- part of a huge society- so they began by procuring land which got enchroached up on and thereon the delay- in fcat, my parents' story with pseudonyms

apu said...

Oops ! The anon was me ! (Apu)