December 29, 2006

Ring out the old, Ring in the new

A 360 degrees round up of 2006 for posterity:

Anush finished a year and is, fast emerging, a strong individual!
First half of the year, Paati supervised the nanny when I was at work and rediscovered unconditional love because of Anushka
Amma hung up her work boots in favour of rearing Anush (and us:-) )
Navy changed jobs- his first change in 8 years. From an iconic traditional family run company to a small player with an international tie up
Appa in law said a good bye to his government job and now runs a clinic
Appa has decided it is time to move tracks and 2007 will herald new opportunity for him

I got back to work after a five month break.
Saw my promotion happen and got a cabin after a rather long wait.
Largely did well and met most targets, failed some but learnt from all of it.
Am okay with overnighters as well.
Most work friends have left , I am the Vintage piece here ( hopefully not fossil yet)

A dear friend got married to the man of her dreams (after a rather tumultous wait) and another bought a flat. I am so happy for them. She is the closest to being Anush's God mother, and she does not know it!
Met some long lost pals, who have done well for themselves at work, set up nice houses, had kid(s)
Lost a very dear uncle ( almost a year now) who epitomised "The Madly endearing Bawa" to me- Uncle
Nearly lost a cousin (Navy's ) who is on his way to doing his CA now

Home is no longer is as aesthetic and spic and span as before. It has slid down on the ranking. No new Ganeshas/ curios every month.
House help -Went through two nannies for Anushka so far and now managing very well with none.
We officially have mid size wheels endorsed by Abhishek B.
A few tyres- around my abdomen- I have become "round", a far cry from the days of yore or lore. Time to make amends.
A waffle maker- finally! Movenpick- you will see less of me now.

Despite the ocassional anxiety of being a working mom, overall, I am happy with the choice I have made.
I still find time to read, eat out, catch movies, travel- which I will continue. Thanks Navy for our little buddha and all the other things : - )

I discovered blogging. It has been a catharsis of sorts. Thanks to Boo and Ammani for inspiring me to blog, HHgmom for giving me my first tag, The Visitor for encouraging me, I2W for sharing my beginner's enthusiasm, Vi for the provocative 30 questions and all the others who have indulged me and my musings.

2007 brings for sure, many weddings, renewed ties with cousins long lost and a pending annual trip. Wonder what suprises it holds. Here's to a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2007.


itchingtowrite said...

wondeful post. u make me want to do a similar thing before the year ends!

Ashish said...

This is a nice post, when you review a whole year, end up realizing that quite a lot can happen in an year.
Have a great next year.

Coffee said...

Lovely post !!!!! Seems to be quite a handful of things in the year thats going :) Happy new year.

Has to be me said...

nice write up. I always do this sort of review each yr fr myself! :)
Happy 2007.

Sanjay said...

Nice retrospective there. Hope you have a even better 2007!

Orchid said...

see, it doesn't have to be "I won an oscar" or "I won the presidential election this year" for it to be interesting..we everyday mortals lead a pretty interesting life too...nice write-up.

KK said...

A nice summary of things that happened during the year.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Prosperous new Year!!

Something to Say said...

nice sum-up of your year art. And i see art's fav 'supercali...' word here :)
A very happy new year to you and ur family. may the new year bring to life all that you have in your dreams

Tharini said...

Nice read! A great summary. You have a gift for saying a lot in few words.

Wish you a very fulfilling 2007.

Fuzzylogic said...

It was such a nice way of reflecting on the year gone by!Here's wishing you another wonderful new year 2007.

Rebus said...

Well I very nice round up; I like the bifurcation mode you used; but the best is the "Self" part you retained; "Do continue".

Happy New Year :)

Aqua said...

lovely post! all the best for the years to come!

Happy New Year from Tara to Anushka!

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Happy New Year to you, Anush and your family :)

Cloudy Musings said...

Hey...Happy new year...

I got a partial mention over there, that is, "...indulged me and my musings."
'musings'...the last part of my

So, what did you do for the new year???

Vi said...

Seems like a wonderful and eventful year! Hope you stick to blogging and that we are able to read many more things from you. :)

Happy New Year!

Alan said...

Happy New Year. Here's wishing you and your family a great 2007.

theanalogkid said...

happy new year...
P.S : you have certainly done a lot of work in alphabetically sorting the Blogroll... kudos :)

artnavy said...

thank you all and hope all have something good and long awaited happening to them in 2007.

sts and analog- glad u noticed

Kalpana said...

Well said and written.