November 14, 2006

Pending Visits

Some places I need/ want/ have to visit-
Where the weather is so good i would not need any warm clothing nor feel the need to strip
Where nature exhibits itself in all its glory , the birds & animals are so real that the word " majestic" acquires new meaning
Where all that is best of Indian architecture come together and yet the result is breathtaking and not a mish mash
Where I can travel long by road without getting a back ache and the journey becomes the destination
Where Anush feels happy and content and is enchanted by all that life has to offer
Where the sun is setting but never really does
Where none of us need to do any work but that of our choice

To be specific
Canada, Greece, Austarlia, Vienna, Okawango, Japan ( when the cherry blossom is in bloom)
Hampi, Lakshwadeep, Kashmir, Kajuraho( during the dance festival)

I need to explore-
Some play schools and creches in and around home

I also am curious about-
Queen Elizabeth's Best Loo/ Bath
Paris Hilton's Closet
Dior's Perfume gallery
The Naked Chef's kitchen
My house 20 years into the future


itchingtowrite said...

nice one. house / life 20 years ago wud be interestin.. justa little peek, i promise myself

itchingtowrite said...
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Neha said...

Paris Hilton's closet???Well u will not find anything there ;)

artnavy said...

u r right neha- make that angelina jolie or cameron diaz - my idea of well dressed women

theanalogkid said...

nice choice of places.. lots of places in italy would match your description i think.. you can just take a italy tour... ;)

Paris Hilton's closet???.. you might end up finding paris hilton there..

artnavy said...

Been to Italy a few years back. It is indeed a lovely place and I could not decide which was better the Pizzas or the pastas or the men.

As for Paris's closet- good if I find her there- I will ask her why she cannot re-use any of her clothes

Inder said...

what? paris 'oh-i-am-so-beautiful' hilton???

apu said...

i think this is one list i would enjoy doing ! i am taking it up as a tag :)) (against my usual lazy-ness to do tags :)

Something to Say said...

apert from alleged clothes and the lady herself - who knows what skeletons you might find in Paris' closet. Or how many more raunchy videos?
Wud luv to visit Italy myself...rather the whole of Europe - maybe a train tour..a la Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge..

artnavy said...

I tag all of you who have commented on this post

Anonymous said...

Is Kashmir a need, a want, or a have to? The rare news story on TV is usually not good.

artnavy said...

All 3 Alan- pity that only sad and sensational things make it to the news. "Peace" is nto newsworthy

theanalogkid said...

>>The rare news story on TV is usually not good.

>>pity that only sad and sensational things make it to the news.

This again is just few facts skewing the thought process. Read somewhere that swimming pools cause more deaths to small kids than accidental use of guns do in the US. But according to statistics, parents would still send their kids to their friends' houses that have swimming pools over households that have legal guns used for protection. the conventional wisdom is wrong most times. so though conventional wisdom might suggest not going to kashmir, i highly doubt its that risky as you might think.

artnavy said...

U are right analog and who said u r a kid- u r more mature than most adults i know

Anonymous said...

'where the sun is setting but never does' is my favourite one. On a space-trip or auroras or is it someone's optimistic heart...aint it;)???