November 20, 2006

Live to eat - I

Here is a first from me. A recipee for a simple and yummy treat.

Akki Roti

You will need
Rice flour 2 cup

Green chillies 3
Grated coconut 4 tbsp
Channa daal 2 tbsp
Jeera 1 tsp
Coriander few sprigs chopped fine
Onion 2 big ones chopped fine
Water as little as possible
Oil 5 tbsp & for greasing the pan

Make a chapati like dough

Take a small ball of dough and start pressing to the sides of tava until it is even on all the sides (thinner the better)

Roast well till crisp. Serve hot with mint or corriander chutney or a dahi- mango achaar raita


Varsha said...

yummy...must try

Anonymous said...

I have tasted this long back at a Banglorean friends place, and its yummy. But i think she didn't put chana dal in it.

Thanks for sharing the recipe - I can make it too now !


Anonymous said...

my favourite kannada dish next to bisi bele bath and gojju avalaki

theanalogkid said...

my friend brings this with tomato sauce to office.. but i dont think there is any channa daal into it.. there is beans ( avarakkai :) ) in it though.

itchingtowrite said...

send it to me.. when u make it. i am already slurping. I love chawal ka aataa ka roti

itchingtowrite said...

tagged- refer to my post- tagged- create a scene on my blog

Rohini said...

Sounds good though I will probably find a way to botch it up - I am without doubt the worst cook in the world...

artnavy said...

you can vary teh channa daal iwth peanuts or avaraimani

will take up the tag i2w

Anonymous said...

the same batter is made into puris by jains and made into dosa by the gomutti chetiyar community of tamilnadu.

Kalyana samayal sadham said...

pakkarthuku nanna iruku... must try!
Does anyone know to make ubbal adai and sheeranam - south india iyengar specials...