October 12, 2006

Then and Now

Thanks to The Visitor I got to visit viva - a teenager who reminds me of me 5 yrs ago- ok ok - 12 yrs ago. She has asked herself a set of questions now, to be answered by her when she is 30.

This one is for you "Viva" and for me when I was your age. And anyone else who has the patience to read on....

Have you been in love, Self? Tell me, what did it feel like?
Oh more than once. It feels like you are on a high and sometimes it feels so low & lonely. Can be mistaken for PMT . It is nicer to be loved that to be in love.

Do you still watch as many movies as you did when you were eighteen? Written a script perhaps?
Yes and more. Now i don't stop at just the arty stuff. I enjoy" main stream" cinema and my love(r) has taught me when to keep my common sense on hold and yet, enjoy myself. Script , what script? Now I am into blogging- more interactive and dynamic : - ) And of course spin a yarn for Anush ( you have a daughter now) almost every other day.

Do you still draw/ sing / do jig saw puzzles? Have you improved? Did you ever take those much-needed classes ?
Yes but the singing is that of a rusty voice from lack of practice. Jigsaws are also on-line now and yes I can do a 2000 piece on in one week. Drawing is not as frequent as before. But cooking in my new interest.

Do you live in Mumbai/ India, or have you moved on to the USA?
This one is a surprise. I have moved yes but to Chennai. Took me years to get used to it and when I finally begin to like it, the auto guys get to me.

What was it like to work for the first time? Did you get into advertising- ( O&M to be specific) ? And the News reader job?
Well i specialized in advertising & marketing , even made it to Ahmedabad but to IIM's poor cousin . But I opted to be out of advertising. Am into marketing with a perfume house now- pretty creative. And I got the spinning corporate chair that I saw in Appa's cabin at his office. Need to revive the news reader idea.

Are you married? Do you have children? Your eighteen-year-old self has always wanted to adopt a child. Did this ever happen, or is this still a plan of yours in the imminent future?
Yes, Navy( he is intelligent, somewhat sensitive and tall but does not wear specs nor is he dark as you wanted but has long fingers) and a cool kid, Anush. The adoption thing is still on air but I think Navy is not too keen on that

You have always wanted to travel to different countries. What was studying abroad like?
Did not study abroad. Did travel for pleasure to Europe/ SE Asia/ Bhutan and planning Australia soon. Luckily Navy loves to explore new places as well.

Have you become a cynic, Self? Do you still find joy in the little things in life?
People say I still enjoy the little things - they call me the Cadbury girl you know ( the one you liked - on the cricket field- doing the jig)

Have you made life-long friends with someone? Do you ever open your heart to a friend? ( Appa- Amma do not count)
Kicks evolved into such a friend. Apu and Oops made a close second. Not counting appa- amma and Navy.

Are Amma and Appa proud of you? Do they know how much you love them ? Do they like your husband?
I am a lot more expressive now in terms of my affection for them. You know we have begun hugging and kissing like we shld have a long time ago. And Amma Appa really get along well with Navy.

Did you ever become a model?
No - a couple of offers- but I did not muster the courage. Now I can model for an obesity clinic ( the before stage) No longer a 24 inch waist.

Did you meet someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with? What happened?
Yes, I married him soon after college- a nice Iyengar boy!! Not a chef but he cooks well. Not a foreigner but looks like an Iranian when he sports a goatee. And no I did NOT marry in my jeans. In fact wore a nine yards sari.

Is your hair long yet ?
HAHAHHA- it gets shorter and shorter- but yeah have tried and let it grow till shoulder length

Do you write fluently in Tamil, now? Did you ever learn?
I did a lot of Focus groups in Tamil Nadu and have begun speaking it fluently. Not the writing bit though. Maybe Anush will teach me.

Did you make it to the merit list?
Yes, only once though. Also made a second class- only once luckily.

Has your taste in music changed?
Have found a new genre- nursery rhymes! Still like Carpenters and Beatles, Shaan and Rehman.
Do you still believe in God?
Yes. And the vibhuthi in the morning syndrome continues. The Ganesha collection has grown to 90 at last count. Even got featured in Indian Express for it. Cool huh?

Do we have live-in relationships in India?
Well people are getting more progressive. But it is still under wraps and rather urban.

Do rapists get capital punishment?
No - far from it. Had forgotten that project.

Are Patti and Thatha still alive?
Thaatha is gone. Paati is still here and wants to live another 20 yrs!

Do you still cry a lot, at anyone who says anything negative to you?
Not so much. But it still affects me.

Are you happy, Self?
Oh yes, life did not turn out exactly as I expected. But it has been for the best. See you 20 years from now.

Oh before I forget - have you learnt to laugh at yourself? .... Still trying.


Usha said...

Very interesting. And I can see it has been quite a successful journey. Do you have alist for age 40 too?

Cloudy Musings said...

I came to know so much more about you. You never told me some of that stuff. Anyway, I forgive you. Lol. Jst kiddin...
A really nice post, though!

Anonymous said...

I'm so touched. I hope when I turn 30 that have as much to say as you did. =)

Anonymous said...

thats pretty good profiling of youself. this is a good post.

Artnavy said...

u are welcome Vi- I had fun doing it

Usha - requets you to take this up

cloudy- maybe you can draw up a list of your own questions to answer at a later date

Tharini said...

Sweet. An interesting idea for a post.

Anonymous said...

hmmm..thot aloud (read commented) along with hip granma tht ur name mite be kalaiselvi n ur hubby naveen in one of ur ol posts....but now luks like we have to "mallu"fy d name ;)

Anonymous said...

title foto supe sweet...

mommyof2 said...

lol@ obesity clinic model.

Very interesting post:-)

rebel said...

OMG.. that was a very nice post.. Hey maybe I should have these lists too.. But, seriously am impressed with your life and your post! Good work...

Kalpana said...

A good post...

apu said...

very very interesting post! I wouldnt mind send myself a list like this for when I am 40 - 30 ofcourse is too close now :)

Shruti said...

hey nice peice..
you have express ur whole journey in a very wonderful way...

have a long and happy journey ahead...

D LordLabak said...

This is so much better than tagging.Loved reading all the Qs and your answers.

Has to be me said...

Takes me also down my memory lane! Good one! :)

Suman Pant said...

Nice answers,,,

***And no I did NOT marry in my jeans. In fact wore a nine yards sari.

lol. do girls in india marry in jeans??? at least here in Nepal we dont ... either it is easy court- marriage or the same old rituals.

***No - a couple of offers- but I did not muster the courage. Now I can model for an obesity clinic ( the before stage) No longer a 24 inch waist.

LOL... maybe 26 inch waist would also be accepted... why not???

tulipspeaks said...

okie. i admit this is a long post n i couldn't read it as im rushing now.

just wanted to thank you for the visit to tulipspeaks and wishing you a great Deepavali in advance.



ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice answers, wonder whether ill have a list like this to look bck on 10 yrs frm now

Itchingtowrite said...

best question & answer- Are Amma and Appa proud of you? Do they know how much you love them ? Do they like your husband?
feels nice when ur parents like the husband
nice one.. tagged- check my post of Oct 15th

Artnavy said...

thanks all for taking the time out to read this post( and Tulip for your honesty)- I had a great time doing this and plan to prepare a list for when I am 40.

Anonymous said...

gr8 post artnavy...certainly one of your best. and yes, viva does remind me a lot of 'the younger you', tho some of her anger reminds me a lot about me!!

Artnavy said...

Farah- tnx. You have not yet done the tag on heights- i had requested you to do it in the comments bit

Anonymous said...

oooppss..missed that one... have started on that one, pronto!!