October 31, 2006

Magical Duos

Here are some of my favourite on screen couples in no particular order. Maybe you will find a few of them who touched you or made you laugh or just bugged you.

Big Screen
Srividya and Kamal in Apoorva Ragam- great chemistry
Urvashi and Kamal in Michael Madan Kam Raj
Dharmendar and Sharmila in Chupke Chupke- they had me in splits
Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt in As Good as it gets
Shabana and Naseerudin in Masoom- so real
Surya and Laila in Pitamahan- endearing if a little over the top
Shalini and Madhavan in Alaipayuthey
Juhi and Shahrukh- In Yes Boss and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman ( SRK is so predicatble now)
Madhavan and Meera Jasmine in that one song in Ayutha Yeruthu
Terence Hill and Bud Spencer- in all their movies, slapstick at its best
George Clooney & anyone- he is just so right

Small screen
Guru and the teacher in Nukkad- I really wanted them to work
Ramani vs Ramani- So sweet ( only the first series though)
Dharma's parents in Dharma and Greg - usually whacky sometimes irritating
Anything But Love - Jamie Lee curtis and the guy( do not know his name)
Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting.
Raymond and his wife in Everybody loves Raymond
Tim and his mate ( with either of the 2- wife or Alan) in Tool time


Noodlehead said...

ohhh, i loved terence hill and bud spencer - watched all their movies thanks to dad :) btw, i also like raymond's parents and also the couple from still standing! Juhi and anyone are good in a comedies...she has amazing comic timing!

Inder said...

ajay devgan and kajol - pyar tho hona hi tha,
surya and asin - ghajini,
tom hanks and meg ryan - you've got mail.

monica and chandler - friends,
dharma and greg - dharma and greg.

Has to be me said...

U & K in MMKR were really cute! And I used to enjoy R&R too! :) I like Surya & Jo in KK too. And even Simran & Ajith in....oops forgot the movie name!

Usha said...

Kamal and sreedevi made a great pair in many early films particularly varumaiyin niram sigappu,moonru moodichu, vaazhve mayam etc Kamal and jayaprada were great in salangai oli.
I used to like Amitabh and Rekha as a pair.
And rishi and dimple in sagar

mommyof2 said...

Abhishek & Rani
shahrukh & rani
Hritik & Karina


Anonymous said...

hey are we looking at male-female pairs only? I like Joey and Chandler in Friends(my belief - the reason why the serial Joey didnt work out - hey no Chandler), Munna and Circuit (of Munnabhai fame), Jai and Veeru (Sholay - amazing movie even today - dear God - pls let there not be a re-make of this one), Will and Grace (from Will & Grace) SRK and Kajol, Aamir & Juhi (remember QSQT) Madhuri Dixit & Anil Kapoor (Tezaab, Ram Lakhan, Beta....) andof course Ray and Debra (Everybody loves raymond)

Itchingtowrite said...

hema malini with amitabh in the older movies-

Artnavy said...

I did not think I would get any comments on this- good

Missed Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri

Farah- there are men ( alana and Tim ) and ( terence and bUd)

Mommyof2- I like Abhishek SINGLE

Usha- Yes Sridevi and Kamal are great in that "chippi irukudu" song waala movie and many others

has to be me- in Vaali

Cloudy Musings said...

Even I think AB Jr is better of as "single" ;-)

And...i liked amitabh n jaya bachchan in chupke chupke..dunno why...they were cute too, besides dharmendar n sharmila...

About gajini (or whtevr) - that's the one which i saw with u art...right?
The wackiest thing i evr did:- Saw that movie by reading the transalations in english cuz i cun't understand tamil :-)LOL

Artnavy said...

yes amitabh and jaya were cute in that as well

the movie u saw was anniyan- with vikram and sada if i recollect

Anonymous said...

all good picks from indian movies..

my favorite is julie delpy and ethan hawke in "before sunrise" and "before sunset".
i cant think of any pair that can beat that chemistry.

tom cruise and nicole kidman in "eyes wide shut" also comes to mind.

Cloudy Musings said...

na na. May be gajini with that psycho guy, or whatever. But it was the wackiest thing i did. lol

Artnavy said...

psycho guy was anniyan

Alan said...

I've always like Karisma Kapoor and Salman Khan in all of their screwball comedies.

Shahrukh with Rani or Preity seem to pair well.

Small screen: I liked Gregs parents in Dharma and Greg.

Artnavy said...

hi alan - long time- i like greg's parents too