October 11, 2006

Love Bug

I saw Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna last night. Did not find it great except that Abhishek is groovy.
But it got me wondering "Can you fall out of love? " I guess the answer would be yes.

I went bananas over Herbie when I was in Class V.
As I went into secondary school, the Burgundy 118 NE became my dream car.
I grew up & I desired the canary yellow Zen.
Then I took a liking for the Tata Safari
Post PG, I fell in love with the Honda City and decided I will get it before I am 30
When the City got relaunched I was disappointed and looked around to find the Swift- in particular in black
Now the Fiesta fascinates me.

What next?


prachi said...

i dont have any love for car..
so i cant guess whats next???

Itchingtowrite said...

the tastes change with time i guess...& since u know that a car is dispensable, u can afford to have a change of preference

Artnavy said...

hey itchy- i don't know why the same does not apply to people - thought it goes against nature we make a conscious effort to stay committed don't you think?

Itchingtowrite said...

i guess so! happens with friendship also- after a point of time u just realize that u and ru friend just don't seem to get along & u don't have anything in common anymore.. may be with the institution of marriage the stakes are high so the commitment to commit is higher

Cloudy Musings said...

For teenagers, their love keeps changing from time to time, be it a car or a person. Lol. :-)

And regarding KANK...Though i haven't seen it, but i know that AB is always groooovy ;-)

Anonymous said...

I dint watch it. even rani and abhishek were not enough to push me into the theatres

starry said...

Have not seen this movie yet. but yes peoples taste and priorities change over time.

Alan said...

I am looking forward to seeing KANK. I'll watch anything with Rani and Preity in it. The previews look interesting.

I've not heard of a Honda City before. Is it unique to the Indian market?

If it's a Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily) Fiesta, I'd be careful, based on experience.

With Twisted DNA's encouragement, I started a secondary Bollywood blog. Would be interested in your opinion. Thanks!


mommyof2 said...

I guess changes are what keep our life interesting:-) since can’t change people in our life its great feeling to have the power to change other material things:-)

I still have to see that’s movie. Haven’t heard even single good review..

Anonymous said...

cant beleive you are from chennai and you can still see hindi movies.. :-)
i cant understand them even after being 4 years in pilani.