September 08, 2006

Weekend Masti

Look at this picture. (with due credit to Calvin Klein)
What do you think happened here and what will happen there on?
Write in not less than 10 words and not more than 200 words.

Bye for the weekend.


Itchingtowrite said...

looks like the guy is trying hard to manao the girl who is angry & playing hard to get- well hardly- they may make up & do it soon

Anonymous said...

He( thinks): Her strap seems to defy the laws of gravity-wonder why she wears it

She says: Get your smelly head off me!
She shrugs him off.

What a contradiction.

The Visitor said...

Something for my creative writing class - will work on it.

ReadItDaddy said...

"Look get your neck out of the way love, I can't see the footie!"

(remind me - if I ever get that obsessional about sport, just shoot me)


Sree said...

Try however much I want to, I cant think of anything witty.. :-).. waiting for more responses to figure out what actually is happening there :-))).

Twisted DNA said...
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Dreamer said...

He sneaks in close, just enough to brush the delicate nape of her neck.....
But as he closes in to snatch the kiss, the heady perfume overcomes his senses and he can't help but turn away... and reach out to the cupboard ...for some asprins....

and he thinks to himself "Ahh... later"

Twisted DNA said...

She: Would you STOP looking at the TV when I am trying to be romantic?


He: I still can't find the remote, could you bend a little more forward?


He: Honey, if I have to be this close to smell the perfume, I don't think it's worht all that money


He: If I put my head here and smell, the perfume is soooo wonderful.
She: I am not wearing any so get off me

Vinay said...

She: How about a quickie?
He: you kiddin'? The way you smell i want to go at it the whole night!

dimbulb said...

I liked what Twisted DNA had written, so forgot what I was going to say :)

nanands said...

The guy thinks: What tame stuff compared to things Calvin Klein is famous for. Was I right modeling for these guys? Hope it does not kill my reputation? At least no one will find any child in this ad. She could be my aunty for all you know. Got to rush off to the washroom. The AC is too much in this studio.

The girl thinks: Would they have chosen this guy for the Times Square ad? No way. He is a kiddo. He definitely needs some of the stuff these guys sell. I hope they will give me a hamper. It is too expensive to buy.

Artnavy said...

Nice interpretations- hope u enjoyed thinking about it

Visitor/ Sush/ dimbulb- I will await your take

The Visitor said...

She: If there is going to be one more take, I'm going to scream! Already my neck feels like a giraffe's, having to bend sideways for the 23rd time! Why the hell cant he get it right.

He: With that awful perfume on her, they expect me to smile and nuzzle romantically :(