September 04, 2006

Paper Boys

One of those unusual days when I woke up early, it had rained all of the previous night and the weather was salubrious (had to use that word- there is a new gym in my area by that name- it claims to give the best "physic"- when asked the owner says numerology forced him to spell it that way!!)

Anyway on to the subject of the post- I saw a lot of paper boys. Began wondering how it would be if their mood varied with the news of the day. And supposing that mood in turn affected the way the paper got delivered? Dressed up in a satin bow ( I mean the paper) when there is cause to celebrate, sort of soiled when there is a depressing turn of events, a crushed look when defeated... so much for my imagination.

To begin with not all of them were boys- many were way into their thirties. They seemed content doing what they were up to- organizing the papers/ stacking them / covering them with plastic wrap, placing flyers of local businesses - all very methodically. The next time I think I will chat up with them.

Did you know that putting in inserts/ flyers without the knowledge of the newspaper guys is an offense?


Itchingtowrite said...

what comes to my mind is a little off track- we use newspapers for almost everything - including in the kitchen- putting fried items to absorb oil or placing puris before making or seiving flour... wonder how clean the papers really are- may be we shud ensure we don't use the outermost leaf of the paper!!

Usha said...

torn in shreds if there is terror attack?
Interesting to imagine though.
I tried chatting with one once and he told me he had to rush as he had to cover many houses before rushing to school!