September 12, 2006

The Laughing Buddha frowns

Have you ever heard of that ? Well this one happened to me. No. It is not like the Milk miracle or The Weeping Madonna. This is my own Little Buddha- Anush.

It is like she saw a Jim Carrey movie and decided that she should try out some of his moves.Time being the facial moves, can't even imagine if she graduated to the other moves.

She has this look which involves- looking up at you, squeezing her eyes, opening her mouth wide in a smile and then pouting and snorting away like a pig. God it looks obnoxious! I have not and will not capture it on camera.

When she is guilty/ sheepish about something & you admonish her, this look is sure to follow. Maybe she thinks I will avoid scolding her to avoid having to see that look.

Hope it is a passing phase ( face)...

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starry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please do come again. That is cute. Anush making faces like Jim Carey. I bet she is cute.About the tags. why dont you do the tag. Just copy down the questions that were on my post and answer them, at the end of the post name a few other people to carry out this tag.thats all.will be back to check your blog.