August 30, 2006

About time - Five reasons why

I have been meaning to do this for a while now- a while being two years- first pregnancy was my excuse - then delivery- then the awesome responsibility of new motherhood- then getting back to work -well i have run out of excuses.......About time now

My nick was Slowchana when i was a kid!! About time i changed that...

My little one turned one last week and finally has cut teeth. About time i celebrated that with the world ...

I have been reading other's blogs and writing in my comments liberally - About time i got my own space

I may forget to write- About time for sure


Itchingtowrite said...

great first post. welcome to blogworld. about time indeed after reading others for so long. and abt the teething bit of your kiddo... as I always say, I have a benchmark to look upto. mine haven't cut teeth as yet!!! they say the later the better as all the calcium can go to the bones 1st

The Visitor said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and giving my blog a thumbs-up. There's nothing as sweet as unsolicited praise. LOL.

Welcome to the blog-world and hope you enjoy yourself!

I have this bad habit of reccommending blogs that I like :)
So without your permission I am taking the liberty of recommending
The Brownie and Madura