August 13, 2014

We are family

When all seem to be lamenting( celebrating) the loss of the joint family it has been different in my case.

I grew up in a nuclear family with no siblings. My grandma joined us only when I turned 17 or so.

Today I live in a joint set up and feel certainly blessed to have one side of the family which supports us completely. And the other which is loving and encouraging, even if from a distance.

But there are moments of discomfort when senior citizens judge my folks for being with us, being lucky to spend their life not as am empty nest but with grandkids.

There are young nuclear families envying us for the support  we have- help/ advise on rearing kids,  liberty to travel on work on the same days, adult company amidst all the kid rearing, house keeping.....

But this set up can work only if everyone respects, adjusts and carries their own share of the work and moves on despite the inevitable differences.

Live and let live I say!


Veens @ Our Ordinary Life said...

Very true! It only works, if everyone does there part in adjusting :) I am lucky to have my folks living nearby... and I get a lot of people telling me... how lucky i am :)

RGB said...

You certainly are at an enviable position. I'm also quite blessed in that way. I have my folks living really close by, my kids get to enjoy their company, counselling, yummy food and what not! And my in-laws are also close enough to reach within 30-40 mins. It makes a big difference to not just our lives and our kids', but also brings great joy & fulfillment to our parents by just being around :)

Choxbox said...

Totally agree.

Used to have both sets of grandparents around together - for 5-6 months of the summer/monsoon when we lived in uru.

Totally loved it. Haven't had to deal with any issues, mostly because both sets of our folks are extremely mature people.

Anonymous said...

Hi art,

Advanced happy birthday wishes for Anush..

Sujatha Ramesh

Anonymous said...

I envy yours :) how i wish my mom and dad moved in with me or my in is exactly that...the advises on demand...child care with utmost love and not for money...the flexibility for one's thriving career...i love your mom and dad :)


Preksha said...

I TOOOOOTTAALLYYY Agree with you! I wish I had that chance too.