August 31, 2014

Thank You and Good Bye

It has been a wonderful 8 years of blogging. Yes, Eight!

Am going to continue to record important milestones and Anushims and Adittys for their reference  in the future. But I guess it is time to go off public.

Those of you who are friends and family, you will have  access to newer posts if you wish to have it. 
Let me know:

The storytelling blog will remain open:

Thanks and it has been a great journey and I have made some wonderful friendships, shared my small triumphs in art and home decor and even got my break into published writing and story telling all on account of the blog. Your encouragement made it happen. THANK YOU and TATA.


Swaram said...

Congrats! And I would like to keep reading if you are okay :)

AA_Mom said...

That was totally unexpected, but makes sense. Count me in on your journey

R's Mom said...

Wow this comes as a surprise..but I can totally relate to what you are talking! big hugs to you and as usual will follow artales :)

Anonymous said...

Been following your blog for some time now .Loved your home decor ideas . Would like to continue if possible.
All the very Best !

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog for some time now. Loved your ideas especially on home decor. Would like to continue if possible . All the Best.

Harishri said...

De-lurking to say thanks for the lovely posts, I understand your need for privacy and will miss reading your blog.

Sue Narain said...

Have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks to your 'must see list', discovered some other great blogs too. Can you please give me access? My email -

Anonymous said...

Ah love your blog!Your's has been the go to blog for all home decor,vacay suggestions and ideas for books!

Not family or friend.. but would like to continue reading updates if ok with you!


Srivalli said...

Thank you for all the lovely post. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your vacation posts and the kids posts. Could relate some of them to my kids.

Will miss reading your posts.

Wish you all the Very Best.



Anonymous said...

Have been a silent follower for quiet some years. Love to refer your travel updates, home deco and kids books. Would like to continue the same if it is ok with you.


Anonymous said...

I need daily dose of this blog so please add me in! - Indu

Kripa said...

Good Luck. Do you mind my asking why now?

Jwala said...

Hi,love to continue as ur bog reader.Already sent an e-mail to u.