August 08, 2014

Anush's star ninth

Wow. My little girl is growing up!

While I fear for her, I know she needs to go out there and explore
While I have dreams for her, I hope she chases her own and has some of them come true
While I care for her, I am sure she knows to and will take care of herself and a few others too
While I do not want her to get hurt, I know she might but she will rise stronger

I am a super proud mom and (slowly) I will learn to let go and to hold on,
As the situation and she demand.

Many Many Happy Star returns to our first darling.
May the world be as kind and cheerful to you, as you are to it.


Shabana said...

Its always a new feeling with the first born! Happy Birthday to her... may she have wings to fly and you be the wind beneath those wings

Uma said...

Happy Birthday, Anushka!And, that's a lovely and apt poem, Arthi :-)

RGB said...

I think you've written for all mothers...I can identify with the pride & trust you have in your daughters...

This sums it up nicely "learn to let go and to hold on'!

Happy Birthday Anushka, you've done your mom proud!