October 17, 2013

Delhi- Amritsar- Agra- Fatehpursikri

Went to Agra and Fatehpursikri on an ambitious day trip and covered a lot despite the heat 

The magnificent introduction to Agra- Sikandra- Akbar's tomb,  
Taj-  awe inspiring - almost justifies the hype that surrounds it, 
The more intricate version of the Taj-  Itmad ud Daulah, 
My Favourite- the unknown and rundown Persian blue tile work filled Chinni da rowza
The mammoth fort at Fatehpur Sikri- can compete with any historic square anywhere in the world

When you think about it, you cant but wonder ( and feel rather sad ) for the labour force that must have toiled for perhaps nothing on creating these gorgeous wonders.

 Went to Amritsar- gorged on both the culinary ( kulfi,  tikki burger, kulcha, paratha, lassi.)and the culltural delights and of course shopped and in all this -enjoyed family time.
Apart from the Golden temple, the Ranjit Singh panaroma is a wonderful place for art and history lovers
The Jallianwalah Bagh, a stone's throw from the temple, if saddening and arouses anger too

My father had taken the girls to various Delhi monuments as well- more on that later.

Met a couple of friends at Gurgaon at the Stellar Museum- must do for all with kids 4- 9 yrs! Could not meet Nm who had successfully conducted the Ranganna event in Delhi over the same weekend

Navy could not come along but my folks and my chithi were there and the kids had a wonderful time.


kebhari said...

Wow! its awesome click........

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Thrilled to read your post because I love traveling with my family and the plan is to be on the move during Diwali. So, I totally enjoyed reading your travel tales. Keep writing:)