December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013

And just like that 2012 draws to a close.

A flat sold, another bought and moved into. Bangalore has added another citizen.
This will be the highlight when I look back on 2012, years from now
Huge thanks to my Appa for all the support.

The year began on a not so great note with a big biz lost, but new wins have amply compensated the same.
And also feel confident that lost ground will be regained next year.
Got my service award as well this year and had  a great annual do at Mahabs.
I have turned a bit more professional with the story telling initiative - Arts Tales

Anand Vidyalaya has become a monthly activity
While Mister Muthu will always occupy a special place, my first picture book HYST got published by Tulika to a decent reception from kids and fellow blogger mommies
Even got a newsarticle in The Hindu Metroplus to show for it

TRAVEL We began the year with a trip Hyderabad and did Goa, Kumbakonam-  Tanjavur and Orissa. A good number of day trips also happened the highlight being the recent Shravanabelgola one. I also did a lot of travel on work including A'bad!

Apart from bdays and anniversaries, we did our third griha Pravesh.
Golu was a more organised affair and we did Christmas and Diwali and various other festivals in between

Anush had her first sleep over away with T
Adi goes to big school, is potty trained effortlessly, has a bath almost all by herself
Kids are fairly well settled in school and indulge in a lot of fun activities

Blessed, touchwood, can't thank folks enough!
Also a thanks to my girls for making each day so pleasurable (and rarely painful )!
Managed to spend more time with Navy even if it just watching Grey's Anatomy together at times

Did some cooking only once in a while to remind myself I could
Read too little...except for reviews at ST and other places
Saw some movies I loved but not enough
Enjoyed doing up the new place though with less involvement
Had fun being on FB and letting go some needless stuff at 220
Puzzled by why rape which has always been a brutal act is getting so much coverage

Really need to address the undesirable weighty matter!

A VERY HAPPY 2013!! See you soon.


R's Mom said...

oh I loved this post...just gave a quick overview of the ArtNavy family :)

and oh also, we still love reading Have you seen this ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Happy new year to you and and your lovely family

Sujatha Ramesh