October 25, 2012

Some Golu Pics 2012

The Main Golu

 The Dance Corner- Nrityadaam 

The Bird Park


R's Mom said...


Thats a huge huge Golu Art...I mean, its I think, the biggest I have seen in a house! How do you manage that with Aditi around..she must be a really chamat kiddo...I kept one line of dolls on my showcase, (Just for fun!) and R managed to get down at least three of them!


Anonymous said...

wow Art.... super duper golu...you are indeed a super woman!

Girls are looking awesome in the banner - Aditi looks just like you :)

Sujatha R

Artnavy said...

Not too big but yes a rather good start of a golu. Need to learn a bit more about the Gods and the stories- I have to keep checking with Amma on them....

Thanks on the banner

vidya said...

Beautiful! Specially the dolls in the second pic and the fountain:) The header pic is awesome!