September 03, 2012

Weekend Round up

Gorged at Berryed Alive. They do not serve ice creams , it is a lovely rich dessert place in the western sense of the word. But they gave Adi  who was proclaiming that she wanted icecream- a litchi scoop ( very graciously on the house).

Went to Dastkar. Usual suspects but still found interesting stuff to buy. Worth a visit. But carry cash as the credit card machine was out of order.

The Book Reading at Easy Library, Blore and at MCubed, Mumbai ( courtesy Rakhee my friend)  went off really well. A huge thanks to one gentleman who got 4 copies of the book! And to a blogger who wrote this review of the Blore event.

If there are any of you who still wish to make it to a do in Blore, (third time lucky maybe?) there will be another event at Hippo on September 15. Catch me there.

1 comment:

Priya said...

Wow! the pics say a lot :)
Missed it by a whisker.. so to say. M glad there's a third time. Hope i'll be able to make it to that..