August 23, 2012

The Chola Trail- III

These were the other temples we saw apart from the Big Three.

The Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram was a must do since Anushka is learning dance and due to the rahasiyam (secret)  which I had seen in some serial/movie years ago. The temple is located inside the town and is large and beautiful with many pillars and corridors. The shrine is possibly the only Shiva temple to have its main deity represented in the 'human' Nataraja form, instead of just a lingam. The reclining Vishnu, the gorgeous leaves like golden roof, the main diety all vie for the visitors' attention!

The Uppiliappan Kovil in Kumbakonam is dedicated to Lord Vishnu's form and is said to be the brother of Tirupathi Balaji.  All prasadam is prepared without salt to go with the story behind this temple.

Kumbeswarar Temple
is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Kumbakonam's name is dervied from this temple. The temple is really huge in size and the lingam is not made of the usual granite and hence no offering of water or any liquid is made on the lingam.

And the temples all had elephants blessing kids in exchange for coins. Much to Anush's delight and Aditi's dread.

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