August 25, 2012

Snakes and Ladder- Made easy and difficult

Shruti or Artsy Craftsy Mom has been conducting art/ craft sessions at  Anand Vidyalaya- a part of this organisation.

One of these sessions was about creating a Snakes and ladders board.
Here is Anushka's version of it, done all by herself , a couple of days ago.

So you see the board ends at 48. But that does not make winning easier.

She has adapted the game a bit.
She ( with her paati ) have generated multiple sets of 6 questions. ( on various themes- maths, animals, planets, etc)
The player needs to pick a number 1-6 at random and answer the relevant question correctly to be able to move those many points.

And there is more- the difficulty level of questions increases with the increasing numbers.

Cool huh?


Arundhati said...


Anush - can you please bring it along for the ST meet so the kids can play? Can I play too, please?

Unknown said...

Super! I loved the idea of the Q&A to move ahead. :) smart!

~nm said...

Its not cool..its awesome! get it patented!!

R's Mom said...

WOW! thats superb!