August 28, 2012

Onam Wishes

The girls and I attended the Hindu MetroPlus Pookolam contest held at Vivanta Taj.

Was taken up with the lovely colours and the smell of flowers
But also felt that it was a rather destructive way to create more beauty.

The process involves
- draw the outlines in chalk on the floor
- use flowers and leaves of many colours- only petals or post chopping petals them to a fine and equal size ( this ensures better / uniform spread)
- use a comb/ scale to neaten and tidy as you go along filling the 'colours'
and Behold a work of art!


~nm said...

The one on the header is beautiful and so is the one in the post. Loved the different shades created using different colored petals.

Choxbox said...

Had meant to go for this but forgot!

And agree - don't like pulling petals out of so many flowers.

Unknown said...

how beautiful! :) i should try with chopped coloured paper with the kids

Unknown said...

Onam is indeed one of the best and most popular Keralite festival and I am so excited for it to come this year... My warmest Onam wishes to all Keralites around the world!

Happy Onam!

Unknown said...

Onam is fast approaching, let me wish you a happy onam wishes.